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ASR's Continuity and Compliance unit is currently working with academic advisers and others to draft new policy language (and also change some processes) to help improve degree progress and timely graduation of undergraduate students. The policy is still in its infancy, but the topic is creating great discussion. If in you work with students you've encountered issues pertaining to student degree progress or impediments to timely graduation, please share that information with Tina Falkner; if you think you have a solution to the issue, share that too!

One Stop student satisfaction survey

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One Stop Student Services sent its annual student satisfaction survey to more than 10,000 students this past November. The survey aimed to see what students thought One Stop was doing well and what could be improved upon. The results provided a variety of information, including students' user experience with the One Stop website, as well as how they're choosing to receive their information from One Stop. Check out the survey infographic for more detailed results.

UThink blogs to retire in December

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UThink blogs will be decommissioned by University Libraries and University IT on December 31, 2014. Sites within the UThink domain will no longer be available after this date; existing blogs will be accessible throughout the 2014 spring and fall semesters. ASR uses UThink for several publications (including this one!) so the communications team is planning a transition to another solution. For more information, see UThink decommissioning.

New Associate Director of Continuity and Compliance

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Stacey Tidball joined ASR on March 3 as the new Associate Director of Continuity and Compliance. Her role fills the position previously held by Ingrid Nuttall, who is now the Director of Academic Records for ASR. Stacey's office is in 160 Williamson; feel free to stop by and welcome her to the department!

Computer equipment requests

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If you need to submit a request for new computer equipment, please first fill out a Professional Development Request on the ASR intranet. Once your supervisor has approved it, a copy will be sent to Debbie Henderson, and she will fill out the ServiceNow request for your new equipment. Please do not fill out a ServiceNow request on your own behalf.

If you have any questions regarding this process, contact Debbie.

Many thanks from the Student Parent Help Center

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During the past holiday season, ASR staff raised more than $400 in gift cards for the Student Parent Help Center (SPHC). The following is an excerpt from the director expressing her gratitude:

"I was overwhelmed by the response this year, and we will put [the] cards to not just good but miraculous use! The ability to use the cards you all raised for us is an invaluable benefit for our students and the program. Please share this email with anyone involved with the fundraising efforts for the SPHC so that everyone involved knows that each and every card is so needed and will be put to such good use. A million thanks!"

Great job, ASR! What wonderful news to hear!

New ASR onboarding video

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The Academic Support Resources onboarding video is now available on the ASR intranet site. A link to the video can also be found in the professional development resources page. The video will help new employees understand how ASR departments function individually and as a whole.

New year, new initiatives

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After reviewing the results from the latest ASR survey and hearing recommendations from the survey team, the following initiatives are being planned:

- Brown bag discussions focused on clarifying issues regarding merit pay.
- Supervisors will look for additional opportunities to recognize staff and encourage colleagues to do the same. (ASR thank you cards are available from Debbie Henderson. The Office of Human Resources thank you ecard is also another nice way to tell someone you appreciate his or her work.)
- The ASR Development Team will look for ways to increase cross-departmental understanding of what each ASR unit does and how we all work together.
- The ASR Survey Team will plan on reducing the number of surveys distributed and the number of questions asked. The team will also explore asking new questions. If you have a suggestion for the ASR Survey Team, contact Matt Tveter.

These initiatives are still in the planning stage, so be sure to stay tuned for updates in future issues of News & Notes.

OCM is now on Twitter!

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The Office of Classroom Management (OCM) has joined Twitter! Be sure to follow for the latest classroom and scheduling news, as well as updates on classroom upgrades and projects. It's also a great way to communicate with OCM staff regarding any questions or concerns you may have about room scheduling, study space, or classroom technology.

ASR employee survey results available

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The results from the third 2013 ASR employee survey are now available. The survey team (Amber Cellotti, Trinity Muller, Maggie O'Neill, and Matt Tveter) reviewed and analyzed survey responses and presented recommendations to the ASR directors based on those responses. Please contact a member of the survey team if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the employee survey.

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