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ASR poll participation

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As mentioned in the previous issue of News & Notes, we'll be featuring poll questions in order to elicit feedback on ASR matters. This week, we're asking a more serious question in addition to something fun. Questions are being included in News & Notes rather than in a larger employee survey; however, ASR directors are still very interested in receiving feedback from staff about what is going well and what can be improved upon. We're hoping this new delivery format will encourage more staff to complete the survey questions so we can continue to improve ASR. If there is a significant drop in the response rate, though, we may need to revert to the previous format.

Our inaugural poll question asked whether you preferred donuts or cookies as office treats. Donuts edged out cookies by nine votes with a final count of 36 to 27. Stay tuned for when donuts will be making an appearance in your area!

All responses are anonymous. If you have ideas for questions you'd like to see here or other ideas for improvement, please submit them through the ASR suggestion box. Results from both questions will be shared with the ASR directors, as well as in future issue of News and Notes.

Answer this week's poll questions!

OCM classroom projects underway

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The Office of Classroom Management (OCM) has completed two-thirds of its 2014 Classroom Technology Renewal projects. In many classrooms, systems have been enhanced by adding a document camera and class capture outputs. Additionally, OCM has completed its summer project in the West Bank Auditorium located in the West Bank Skyway.

OSF update

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With the exception of Duluth's Graduate & Professional careers (MED, PHARM, and GRAD), all campuses and all careers have been packaged at least once. Additionally, responses are rapidly coming via the Electronic Financial Aid Award Notification (eFAAN). The 2015 aid year marks the first year the Twin Cities campus will be continuing to package our Borrower-Based Aid Year (BBAY) populations in batch throughout the year. (BBAY populations are MED, DENT, PHAR, and VMED.)

One Stop hot topics

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During the first half of July, the top questions received by One Stop Student Services included the following topics:

1) Financial aid packaging
2) Billing/payment
3) Transcripts
4) Loans

One Stop will also welcome five new counselors on Wednesday, July 23.

Tasty treats

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To have some fun and to ensure ASR directors continue to receive input from staff, we'll be introducing a poll question or two in future issues of News & Notes. We'll include both serious (questions regarding how to improve ASR or your opinion on particular work-related topics) and lighthearted questions. Response(s) will be recorded and noted by the ASR directors.

For today's issue, our inaugural poll question asks about your favorite treat. Be sure to respond so we know which to surprise you with in the coming weeks!

Question: Which performance-boosting treat would you like next month? Choose between cookies and donuts!

Google Blogger selected to replace UThink

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As UThink blogs will be decommissioned by University Libraries and University IT later this year, the communications team has decided to transition to Google Blogger. During the next few months, they'll work on transferring publication content (including this newsletter!) to Blogger. Stay tuned for updates in future issues of News & Notes. For more information about the retirement of UThink, see UThink decommissioning.

CTS earns AMX Innovation Award

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ASR's Classroom Technical Services (CTS) recently earned an AMX Innovation Award for its collaboration practices in higher education. The award category required submissions to address how technology was used to foster collaboration through a distributed video application, video conferencing, or other specialized audio-visual installation. You can view the full list of finalists on the AMX Innovation Awards website.


Participate in ASR's first annual fundraiser

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In an effort to continue to make a positive difference in students' lives, ASR will host its first annual silent auction this summer. The event will take place as part of the ASR picnic and BBQ in August and will raise money for an existing student scholarship. This is an opportunity to showcase your hidden talents and discover those of your colleagues!

Think about what you love to do--painting, drawing, sewing, writing, crafting--and plan to share your talents for a good cause. For example, here are some beautiful stained glass windows that ASR's Sue Johnson has made.

koi fish.jpg

You can also donate something you think others would enjoy, such as a spa basket, candles, DVDs, baked goods, or a house or garden plant. More information about the event will be published in future issues of News & News.

One Stop hires additional student workers

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One Stop Student Services recently hired 13 student workers who will be located at the STSS and St. Paul locations. The students will begin work on July 7 and participate in a three-week training period. The new Customer Relations Representatives will answer phone calls about the One Stop website, due dates, and other general topics. One Stop Counselors will remain in their current roles and focus on more complex issues related to specific student accounts, financial aid and records. If you have any questions about these changes, please contact Nate Peterson.

Open house for ASR conference rooms

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Williamson Hall conference rooms received an upgrade in April, which included several technology enhancements. To learn how to use the new webcams, touch display, and HDMI connections, OCM's Jeremy Todd will host an overview of the new systems for Williamson 160B, 162, and 164. He will repeat an overview every 15 minutes during the dates and times below in Williamson Hall 160B:

Friday, 6/6, 1:30-2:30 p.m.
Monday, 6/9, 9:30-10:30 a.m.
Wednesday, 6/11, 2-3 p.m.
Thursday, 6/12, 11-12 p.m.

If you aren't able to attend a session but would like to learn more about the classroom technology, contact Jeremy Todd to schedule an alternative time for an overview.

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