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Ergonomic workstations

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Does sitting at your desk all day make your back feel out of whack? Maybe it's your chair or the type of desk you're using. The good news is that you can learn more about modifying your workstation or even have a member of the University's Department of Environmental Health and Safety (DEHS) stop by to evaluate your space. There's no need to be uncomfortable all day when there are resources to help!

ASR organizational chart

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Have you familiarized yourself with the ASR organizational chart lately? It's useful to take a peek every now and then to reacquaint yourself with colleagues' titles and the department's report structure. You can also view vacant positions as well.

Official University closings

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After our near recording-breaking temperatures last week, it seems like a good time to revisit the University's policy on official closings. As a general practice, the University does not close unless the health, safety, and security of University personnel and students is seriously brought into question. When this does happen, either because of severe weather conditions or other emergencies, the Executive Vice President and Provost initiates appropriate action. You can check out additional information about this policy in the ASR employee handbook.

ASR service units in ServiceNow

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Wondering which ASR service units have access to ServiceNow and the best way to reach each one? Find out here. You'll also see a brief description of what each service unit does.

Outside consulting

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Looking for some extra opportunities on the side? Outside commitments by University employees may be beneficial and are allowed, as long as they do not interfere with employment responsibilities, compete with coursework offered by the University or services offered by the employee's unit, or exceed the time limits allowable for outside consulting by eligible faculty and academic professional and administrative (P&A) employees. For more information and to review this policy, visit the University of Minnesota Board of Regents Policy.

Accessing personnel files

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As an employee of the University, you have the right to include or update information in your personnel files that may be pertinent to your performance of job duties. You may also review your personnel record upon written request.

An employee is entitled to review his or her personnel record once every six months. A former employee may obtain a copy of his or her personnel file free of charge once a year for as long as the record is maintained. For more information, check out the ASR Employee Handbook.

ASR org structure

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ASR is a service unit that reports to the Office of Undergraduate Education and furthers the University's mission of education, research, and outreach. You're probably aware that ASR is made up of six units, but do you know what each one does? Take a peek at the ASR Employee Handbook to learn the responsibilities of each unit and to view the current ASR organizational chart.

Working the better way

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We all know the core of ASR's mission is to make a positive difference in students' lives. But have you taken the time to also brush up on our vision and values? Or our customer service philosophy? They're equally as important! You can read all about them in the ASR employee handbook.

Supervisor skills

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If you're a supervisor, your role is critical to the success of your team. A strong supervisor-employee relationship encourages high employee performance and trust. Here are some great suggestions and resources for doing just that. Your employees will appreciate your effort!

Health and safety at work

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Staying healthy and safe at work is important. ASR has many resources available to help with this. From wellness initiatives to an employee assistance program to a walkstation, the University is committed to ensuring happy, healthy, and well-supported employees. The ASR Employee Handbook also includes information regarding emergency preparedness and workers compensation.

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