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Thank you to everyone who donated items, time, and money to the ASR Auction. Together, we raised over $800 to go towards an existing student scholarship. Winners will be announced by end of day today (Thursday). Again, thank you for a great auction!

Welcome Week

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The start of the school year is just around the corner - but first, Welcome Week! The Class of 2018 will participate in on- and off-campus activities August 27-September 1. The Live Like a Student (LLAS) team will lead a game show providing tips and tricks to help students be savvy with their money during their time at the University. If you are interested in attending one of the game show sessions, please contact Nate Peterson at

Reminder: withdraw deadline

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Students may now withdraw from classes without collegiate approval prior to November 10, the first day of the tenth week of class. Previously, students could withdraw without collegiate approval prior to the eighth week of class. Deadlines for cancelling or adding classes are available on the One Stop website.

Veterans changes

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As of August 1, graduate and professional student veterans will now receive in-state tuition. This is a Legislative change that went through over the summer and is true for all system campuses. To receive the waiver, students must provide proof of service to University Veterans Services.

Additionally as of August 1, tuition refunds for students with dependent children will be granted for those that are impacted by their spouse's military deployment and required to withdraw from courses. Students with dependents should contact their campus veteran services office for guidance regarding enrollment and tuition refunds when impacted by a spouse's military deployment.

Google Hangouts upgrades

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The University upgraded its version of Google Hangouts on July 30, making it more similar to the public version. Existing University Gmail accounts have the option to keep the older version of Google+ Hangouts or opt in to the new one. To opt in via the Gmail interface, just click your profile photo at the top of your chat list and click "try the new Hangouts."

One change is that chat "off the record" is now the default. Chatting "off the record" means that the text from your chat will not be saved to a folder. If you want a record of your chat to be saved to your "chats" folder, you can manually select to go "on the record." All parties engaged in an on-the-record chat session will see a notification of that status in the chat window.

Also, with the new version chat status no longer available. Instead, you will be able to share your "mood" using emoticons. To learn more about the new Google+ Hangouts, visit Google's informational web page.

OIT has been working with ServiceNow over the past six months to renew the University's contract. Like many vendors, ServiceNow wants to increase costs to the University per license. The University is working to save money by right-sizing its license usage.

As part of this process, changes are anticipated to Tier 3 escalation and to license management. The ServiceNow FAQ contains answers to common questions, including a reinforcement that IT@UMN remains committed to a shared IT Service Management (ITSM) tool. On August 20, ServiceNow will poll ServiceNow license usage and set the licensing floor.

ASR Mini-Poll #3

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This issue's poll is about a potential brown bag session for ASR staff. Please give us your feedback at

Most respondents to last week's survey feel that their supervisor is helpful. Forty percent of respondents strongly agree and thirty four percent of respondents agree that their supervisors help with things like problem-solving, time management, and achieving work-life balance. Fifteen percent of respondents were neutral, while ten percent disagreed and two percent strongly disagreed. Sixty four ASR employees answered last week's survey question.

New staff member in GSSP

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Chris Abts has accepted the position of Student Personnel Coordinator in Graduate Student Services & Progress (GSSP). He will be replacing Stacia Madsen, who is now the lead business analyst for the Academic Advisement module. Chris previously worked at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and as a social studies teacher. His first day will be August 11.

Communications Team update

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If you have a project for the ASR Communications Team, please send an email to This will create a ServiceNow ticket and no special form is required. If you intend the project for a specific person on the team, please feel free to mention that in your email. Thank you for helping us track our projects, ensure needs are met, and provide effective service!

One Stop Student Services is buzzing with many new faces. Six new One Stop counselors recently started and began their training program last week. Please welcome Darcy Fastener, Diana Geisinger, Shawn Hennessy, Andy Hoeveler, Richard Zmudzien, and Kristin Kvam.

One Stop's new student workers, the customer relations representatives (CRR), have completed three weeks of training and are transitioning to answering customer calls under the supervision of One Stop counselors. One Stop's phone system now prompts customers to indicate a service preference: "1" for general questions or "2" for specific account questions. Early impressions of the transition have been positive, and CRRs will transition to answer the general questions line independently as they build experience.

Meanwhile, One Stop has been busy with customer contact related to the electronic Financial Aid Award Notice (eFAAN). The top three categories of discussion last week were financial aid packaging, loans, and billing/payment. Last week, One Stop logged 4,090 cases in Salesforce.

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