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Employees from across ASR will be performing system testing for the Upgrade over the next several weeks. System testing will require very focused effort - please be courteous to employees that are performing system testing and respect their need for time alone. If you are performing system testing, here are some ideas on how to alert colleagues to your need for privacy:

Disruptions will result in wasted time and effort, so please be sure to avoid interruptions to system testing.

There are several ways to participate in the University's community fund drive:

Visit the University's Community Fund Drive donation page. Click the "Donate Now!" link in the upper right to make a donation. If you are not able to donate this year, or if you donate in some other way, you can still be be entered in the prize drawings by clicking the "Donate Now!" button < "donate on line" < scroll to the bottom of the page and click the box next to "Can't pledge this year, but want to be included in the prize drawings?"

You can also participate in the ASR Penny War. The ASR penny war will run October 6-24. Building winners will be revealed at the October 29 ASR Staff Event. Collection jars will be available in these buildings:

  • Coffey - commons area, room 130

  • Fraser - commons area near 261

  • STSS - kitchenette, room 211G and

  • Williamson - kitchenette, room 160K

Please remember: the value of pennies collected by a building count positively toward that building's point total, while the value of other coins or dollar bills are subtracted from that building's point total. So, putting pennies in your building's jar while putting other coins and dollar bills in other building's collection jars would be a winning strategy.

Scheduling U

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The Office of Classroom Management is hosting Scheduling U for all schedulers this fall. Sessions will be held October 27-31. Offerings will take place on both Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses. Also in OCM, ECS is now open for May/summer 2015 class scheduling. More information is available on the OCM website Production Calendar.

You can keep your personal information up to date with the University by using Employee Self-Service and selecting "Personal Information Update." There, you can update your emergency contact information, home address, and phone numbers. If you need to change beneficiaries on your life insurance or retirement benefits, call 612-624-UOHR (612-624-8647) to reach Benefits Assistance.

One Stop parent survey

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Parents who responded to a survey about One Stop's presentation at Parent Orientation was very positive. When asked if the One Stop website provided the tools to help find crucial financial information, 96.1% agreed or strongly agreed that it did while 98.5% agreed or strongly agreed that One Stop gave them an awareness of student record privacy and how to gain access to student information.

The new staffing model in One Stop leveraging student workers is exceeding expectations. The student customer relations representatives (CRRs) are answering questions, solving problems, and receiving some great feedback from other students and parents. They were able to handle 30% of the total call volume during the first two weeks of classes.

Several general purpose classrooms received environment or technology updates during the summer. Magrath 4, Peik 165, and Peters 145 were upgraded to full video conferencing and class capture capabilities. Major renovations were conducted in Amundson B75, Smith 231 & 331, and Blegen 415, 425, and 435. These rooms received new furniture, finishes, and lighting updates. Technology feature upgrades were completed in more than 50 rooms. Room features can be found on the room inventory page.

Additionally, the Keller Atrium and Humphrey 50 were added to the inventory of study spaces and completely renovated. New fixtures include display monitors and tables for individual study and small group work.

The first week of the semester proved to be extremely busy for the One Stop staff. In just the first week alone (Sept. 2-5):

  • 2,381 calls were answered (average wait time was 3:46 minutes)
  • 2,310 emails sent
  • Walk-ins
    • 3,077 (STSS One Stop; HelpingU desk; Veterans Services)
    • 193 (St. Paul)
    • 414 (West Bank)

The top 5 CRM categories were:

  • Student account (billing/payment): 698
  • Financial aid (loans): 594
  • Financial aid (packaging): 351
  • Student Accounts (refunds): 192
  • Financial Aid (Disbursement): 115


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As the building access pilot program has been rolled out, several building UCard sensors have been replaced with proximity sensors rather than a card swipe device. If you have small orange letters and numbers on the back of your UCard, it will work with proximity sensors. To obtain an updated card, visit a UCard office. If you need your access adjusted as an ASR staff member, contact the access coordinator for your building.

In an effort to establish consistency in the way we all share contact information with our audiences, an email signature standard has been developed by University Relations. Please note that this standard is based on email signature best practices and does not allow for the addition of graphics or images.

To use, select the version that best applies to your situation. To use the template:

  • Copy the selected version

  • Open your email settings and go to the "signature" section

  • Paste your selected email version into the "signature" section

  • Customize your information

  • Click "Save changes" at bottom of screen


1 unit

Jane Doe
Multimedia Designer | Government Relations |
University of Minnesota | | 612-624-9098 | c. 612-555-5555

- -

+ 2 units

John Doe
Senior Public Relations Consultant | Information Technology |
Director of Student Communications | Office for Student Affairs |
University of Minnesota | | 612-624-3302

- -

+ address

John Doe
Senior Public Relations Consultant | Information Technology |
2218 University Ave, Suite 305
University of Minnesota | | 612-624-3302

- -

+ address + office hours

John Doe
Senior Public Relations Consultant | Information Technology |
2218 University Ave, Suite 305 | Office hours: MWF 3-6pm, Tu 2-4pm
University of Minnesota | | 612-624-3302

- -

+ 2 units + 2 addresses + office hours

John Doe
Senior Public Relations Consultant | Information Technology |
2218 University Ave, Suite 305 | Office hours: MWF 3-6pm, Tu 2-4pm
Director of Student Communications | Office for Student Affairs |
100 Church Street, Rm 4 | Office hours: MWF 3-6pm, Tu 2-4pm
University of Minnesota | | 612-624-3302

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