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'Preferred name' update

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You may have seen several stories in the Minnesota Daily during the past few months about the use of "preferred name" in University systems. In their enthusiasm to report on the latest update, the Daily got a few facts wrong, but it's still exciting news!

At Oracle's user conference last month, they announced that they will deliver an update to their code so that the preferred name of students appears on class and grade rosters! The University of Minnesota played a big part in this. The ESUP Student Records team built a national coalition around this issue thanks to the help of Product Advisory Group members Max Herman (ASR-IT) and Carla Boyd (Duluth). Max even wrote the white paper that Oracle is using for their development!

Since the delivery timeframe of this fix is unknown, the ESUP team is moving forward with developing modifications to the system to ensure that when we go live next spring, this long-awaited functionality is available to the University community. This is a huge win for our entire institution! Thanks to all who have been (and will be) involved!

Sneak peek: new self-service centers in PeopleSoft 9.0

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Two "sneak peek" videos on the new Faculty Center and Advisor Center are now available. The videos provide an overview on how these centers will benefit users. The ESUP Student Training Team will be developing more in-depth tutorials and documentation of this new functionality before ESUP goes live.

ESUP Portal Project leadership change

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Susan Geller, Portal project director, recently announced that she would be leaving the University to join Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners ( in the role of associate director. William Dana, Student project director, has accepted the additional role of Portal project director for ESUP. William is very excited for this opportunity and planning is underway to ensure a smooth transition for both teams. Congratulations, William!

Student work stream finishes IDPs!

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For the past nine months, University business analysts, subject matter experts, and members of functional steering committees have been in IDPs evaluating what PeopleSoft has delivered and what our business requirements are. Read more about all of their hard work and what's up next.

All Campus update

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On November 11-12, about 60 people from all campuses gathered in Brainerd to lay the foundation for the next phase of the ESUP project. Participants reflected upon the challenges and successes of the IDP (Interactive Design and Prototyping) phase and discussed how best to move forward with creating business process guides and test plans (the next phase). The next phase will require some different approaches to maintain involvement from all campuses, as the process for creating these documents is different. Each of the student workstreams shared major changes that will be occurring to their business process or for their end-users as a result of the upgrade, so discussions about potential integrations can begin.

Portal priorities survey

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If you haven't already, take a moment to fill out the 10-15 minute survey for the U's new Enterprise Portal. The deadline is May 20th.

This survey is just one tool to allow the Portal team to begin to gauge the "opportunities" that have been identified so far. They are still listening and collecting, and will continue to do so, so it's important to continue to give them your feedback, ideas, and thoughts. They want to deliver the best possible portal and can only achieve that by hearing from everyone. Please share the survey widely with your networks.

We did it!

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Publish the 2012-2014 undergraduate catalog, that is. If you have a chance, check it out! After months of revamping the look and feel of the archival PDFs, we finally finished. Woohoo!

There is still time to complete your evaluation of last month's internal customer service kick-off event. We have received useful feedback and several good ideas for future resource development. If you haven't already completed the event evaluation, it remains available for your feedback.

Thank you,
The Customer Service Team
Gary Andersen
Olga Kavun-Wozniak
Carrie Otto
Toni Pangborn
Didi Nguyen
Paula Seeger
Jackee Wernersbach

Please review the test site for the new Intranet

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It's been almost five years since the launch of the ASR website, and a lot has changed in terms of the technology we have to support our web presence. As a precursor to giving the ASR website a face lift, communications and web staff have separated the content that is truly internal into a separate intranet. (This step is essential before we can revamp our website because the software that currently supports it is no longer feasible to maintain.) They are asking for you to review the test site and see what you think.

Note the custom search bar at the top that allows you to search both the intranet and the current ASR website for content. This means once the Intranet goes live, you should still be able to use it as your first choice to find resources related to your work in ASR.

Please send any feedback on the site to Ingrid Nuttall by Wednesday, October 31.

Once the intranet goes live, the content that is duplicated on the ASR website will be removed, and work will begin in earnest to update Questions about this next phase can also be directed to Ingrid.

Changes to U of M sign-in pages

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On Friday, September 28, 2012, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) updated the University of Minnesota sign-in page. Due to feedback from the University community, the guest account creation and student account initiation links now send users to a new page that provides more detail about how to choose the proper account.

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