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Student experience preview sessions

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One Stop has presented several Student Experience Previews to staff on the Twin Cities campus and will continue presentations over the next few weeks. The sessions include demonstrations of class registration, bill payment, and viewing financial aid. The sessions also cover how MyU and the One Stop websites will work together after the upgraded systems launch in February. For more information including dates and times, check out this Upgrade blog post.

The Office of the Registrar has transitioned out of ServiceNow and into Salesforce. Emails sent to now go into Salesforce rather than creating a ServiceNow incident. If you are a ServiceNow user and have an item for Office of the Registrar or GSSP to handle, please avoid reassigning a ServiceNow incident to them.

The final touches are being added to the Administrative Degree Clearance Procedure. This document will give colleges step-by-step instructions on what they can do to clear a student for his/her degree without the student formally applying for the degree. This procedure will streamline processes for the college advising units while covering all necessary compliance related issues that go along with clearing students for degrees.

The contract with Destiny One, the vendor for non-credit registration, is almost finalized and and staff have been hired for the project: Santiago Fernandez-Gimenez as project manager and AHC liaison, Sandy Nelson as a solutions trainer, and Brian Knutson and Theresa Hillesheim as business analysts.

The MyU portal project team recently conducted usability on the new MyU with 24 total evaluators; 12 staff members and 12 students (about half undergraduates and half graduate students). The new MyU’s combination of self-service access and information was seen as a positive improvement by students. The majority of students were able to successfully complete all the assigned tasks, and the names of the self-service tabs also resonated well. The most frequently chosen phrases to describe the portal were: “Clean,” “Easy to Use,” “Straightforward,” “Informative,” and “Understandable.” There were some usability issues discovered, which the team has analyzed and prioritized for fixing. The portal team will return to the usability lab in October to evaluate MyU with faculty and advisers.

Ingrid Nuttall, Sarah Kussow, and John Vollum have been presenting to colleges regarding academic process changes resulting from ESUP, including changes to class scheduling, wait lists, grading, and the retirement of course guide.

The meetings are designed to help colleges understand how these changes will impact them, share best practices for applying new processes, provide information about how and when to access training and other information, and uncover potential issues and related challenges specific to colleges and programs. Meetings have already been held with the Law School, College of Design, and College of Liberal Arts.

Where was everybody?

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You may have noticed several ASR colleagues missing from their usual spots earlier this week. They were some of the more than 120 people that met in-person Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning to work on the ESUP Student system upgrade project. The group included representatives from all campuses and all areas of the Student project: academic advisement, admissions, campus community, financial aid, student finance, and student records. They heard from President Eric Kaler, Bob McMaster, and other ESUP leaders before seeing some of the student experience in the upgraded system and having some time to work as teams face-to-face. If you know somebody who was at the meeting, ask them what they learned!

New myU Portal sneak peek

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The purpose of the new myU portal is to help staff, faculty, and students be successful in getting their business done at the U. Check out the new myU sneak peek and learn how the University community will use some of its features.

'Preferred name' update

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You may have seen several stories in the Minnesota Daily during the past few months about the use of "preferred name" in University systems. In their enthusiasm to report on the latest update, the Daily got a few facts wrong, but it's still exciting news!

At Oracle's user conference last month, they announced that they will deliver an update to their code so that the preferred name of students appears on class and grade rosters! The University of Minnesota played a big part in this. The ESUP Student Records team built a national coalition around this issue thanks to the help of Product Advisory Group members Max Herman (ASR-IT) and Carla Boyd (Duluth). Max even wrote the white paper that Oracle is using for their development!

Since the delivery timeframe of this fix is unknown, the ESUP team is moving forward with developing modifications to the system to ensure that when we go live next spring, this long-awaited functionality is available to the University community. This is a huge win for our entire institution! Thanks to all who have been (and will be) involved!

Sneak peek: new self-service centers in PeopleSoft 9.0

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Two "sneak peek" videos on the new Faculty Center and Advisor Center are now available. The videos provide an overview on how these centers will benefit users. The ESUP Student Training Team will be developing more in-depth tutorials and documentation of this new functionality before ESUP goes live.

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