Scheduling update: A few things to remember about Course Requirements

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When entering requests for course requirements (i.e., prerequisites) in ECAS, it is important to know that the field "Prerequisites for Catalog" is for text that will display on the University Course Catalog as well as in the Class Schedule. Those who oversee the catalog queue in ECAS edit this text field to conform to University standards and conventions. These requirements are not enforced.

To have a course requirement enforced, the course must have an Enrollment Requirement Group (ERG) code constructed and the "Enforced Prerequisites" field must be populated in the request in ECAS. The text in this field is interpreted literally and can only include items that can be found on students' records (e.g., courses taken, major plan codes, student groups, and academic levels in 15 credit increments). Grade points cannot be used as criteria. Conventions include using "or" and "and" between conditions where appropriate, or commas for a sequence of conditions. Courses can be required either as a prerequisite or a co-requisite, the latter designated by an ampersand (&) before the course designator number.

"Consents" is yet another separate field of "buttons" in ECAS. There can only be one form of consent on a course. Putting "instr consent" or "dept consent" in this field means a student must obtain a permission number.

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