Older model Mac laptop audio not supported via HDMI adapter

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OCM provides Mini DisplayPort adapters in all classrooms--HDMI adapters in rooms with HDMI connections. Other rooms have VGA adapters. Per Apple, using HDMI via the Mini DisplayPort adapter connected to one of the following laptop models does not provide audio:

MacBook (late 2009)
MacBook (13-inch aluminum late 2008)
MacBook Pro (late 2008, mid 2009, early 2009) 

To project audio with these laptop models, use the audio cable and VGA connection with VGA adapter at the instructor station (you will need to supply the VGA adapter compatible with your model).

To find out which classrooms have HDMI connections, see the HDMI feature instructions

For more assistance with Apple devices in classrooms, see the Apple device projection instruction, or contact the Classroom Support Hotline at 612-625-1086 or ocmhelp@umn.edu.

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