Recap of summer upgrades

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Several general purpose classrooms and study spaces are being upgraded during the summer. Detailed project information is available on the OCM website, but a few highlights include:

  • Technology Updates: OCM updated classroom equipment in more than 50 rooms.

  • AppleTV expansion: Apple TV enables users to display presentations from an iPad or Apple computer using a wireless network.

  • Willey partition: The large motorized partition in Willey Hall 125 & 175 has been replaced.

  • Increased capacity ALC: STSS rooms 114 and 118 are being combined. The new room will seat 171 students and have the same active learning functionality.

  • Furniture Updates: Keller 3-230, Borlaug 335, and Borlaug 365 received new furniture, finishes, lighting, and A/V equipment.

  • Amundson Hall: The south face of Amundson Hall has been replaced as part of the Gore Annex addition and infrastructure updates. All general purpose classrooms on the first and second floors have new windows or are on the new curtain wall.

  • Card access and accessibility: All general purpose classrooms in Lind and Kolthoff Halls received new card access systems and improved handicap access.

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