Fall 2013 final exam scheduling reminder

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Final exam scheduling for fall 2013 is underway. The schedule will be available for review the first week of November. In the meantime, please notify ocmsched@umn.edu of any special requests, which include the following:

  • If any course sections will not require a classroom during finals week. If so, notify the scheduling team on or before October 25 by emailingocmsched@umn.edu with the subject line "Fall 2013 Final Exam" and the course and section number(s) in the body.

  • If a department would like to request an adjustment of final exam hours. If so, requests should be made online with form ASR 163 on or before November 1 to permit publication of the change and orderly consideration of hardships.

  • If a specialized room is needed for a final exam. Departments should request alternate seating only when it is necessary for proper administration of the exam. Specialized room requests must be submitted by the department office via the online ASR 123 form on or before November 1.

If any of the above special requests apply to you, please note you must take action to fill out the proper form or to email ocmsched@umn.edu.

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