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OCM provides Mini DisplayPort adapters in all classrooms--HDMI adapters in rooms with HDMI connections. Other rooms have VGA adapters. Per Apple, using HDMI via the Mini DisplayPort adapter connected to one of the following laptop models does not provide audio:

MacBook (late 2009)
MacBook (13-inch aluminum late 2008)
MacBook Pro (late 2008, mid 2009, early 2009) 

To project audio with these laptop models, use the audio cable and VGA connection with VGA adapter at the instructor station (you will need to supply the VGA adapter compatible with your model).

To find out which classrooms have HDMI connections, see the HDMI feature instructions

For more assistance with Apple devices in classrooms, see the Apple device projection instruction, or contact the Classroom Support Hotline at 612-625-1086 or

Keeping classrooms in tip top shape

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Just as you would like to find a classroom ready for your use, it is equally important to leave the room in a teaching-ready condition for the next instructor or event. Before leaving the room, check these items:

-Is the AV system turned off?
-Are the rechargeable microphones returned to the charging station? Are any other microphones easy to locate at the instructor station?
-Is the room furniture re-set to the layout posted in the room?
-Are all the writing surfaces completely erased of markings?
-Are all postings removed from walls?
-Did you use the last of any supplies, such as markers or batteries? Did you notice any malfunctioning equipment or problems with the room environment? If so, call the Classroom Support Hotline to report the issue: 5-1086.

There is a very short time in between classes that are scheduled back-to-back. Please be considerate and leave the room in a teaching-ready condition for the next instructor to save valuable class time for teaching and learning.

Reporting clock problems

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During fall semester, you may have noticed several classrooms had stopped, slow, or otherwise malfunctioning clocks. You may have also noticed that the resolution wasn't always, er, timely. That's because the classroom clocks are synched and require more than a simple battery change to fix. After the actual power source is replaced, the clock requires re-synching to a satellite source. Completing this work requires an FM electrician, not a custodian, and some FM districts are short on electrician staffing, so the process may be delayed. Complicating the process is that some room users thought they could replace the battery themselves, but because the re-synching process did not occur, the clocks did not work correctly. The good news is that after the power replacement and re-synching is completed, the clock will keep time (and autocorrect) for approximately three years.

Tips for communicating via Service Now

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To follow up on the change in communication with OCM, we want to share some tips when communicating via the Service Now ticketing system:
  • You can expect an auto-reply generated by the system when you email a message to or
  • We will share any updates via email, and, when resolved, you will receive another auto-generated email from the system.
  • After a ticket is resolved, please do not reply to the auto-generated email unless you feel the issue is still not resolved and you need further assistance. While we appreciate your feedback and appreciation, replying just to say "thanks" will unnecessarily reopen the ticket.
If you have any questions, please email or call the Hotline at 5-1086.

Save projector lamp life

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Quick Tip: Save projector lamp life by turning off the system at the end of your class or event. LCD projector bulbs are changed when they reach a predetermined threshold of use. This prevents class disruption by avoiding an emergency lamp change. As the LCD bulbs are very expensive, the system will automatically turn off after four hours of inactivity, but you can sustain the life of the lamps by at least four hours, if you simply turn the system off when you leave the room.