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Newly enhanced classroom support hotline

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The Office of Classroom Management (OCM) hotline has been enhanced to align with University-wide support services and has expanded the hours of availability for technology services. While the phone number will remain the same (612-625-1086), callers will be prompted to select from a menu of options that allow you to reach the support staff who are best able to meet your needs.

Technology calls will be routed to a team of support professionals who are available 24 hours a day. OCM support staff remain available for all other classroom and scheduling-related calls from 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday - Friday.

The University of Minnesota will partner with Ad Astra to host a regional Astra Schedule Summit on July 23, 2014 on the Twin Cities campus. More details are available on the North Central Region Ad Astra Google site.

Classroom schedule displays

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Thanks to the work of the Academic Support Resources (ASR) web team and Classroom Technical Services (CTS), the Office of Classroom Management (OCM) is again able to post the daily schedule for rooms that have room schedule displays installed. Those include classrooms in the following buildings: Cooke, Folwell, Nicholson, and STSS.

There are no plans to add more displays outside of new classrooms. To view the schedule of a specific general purpose classroom, however, use the General Purpose Classroom Search. Choose the building you are interested in and then select the room name. The room details will appear on the right hand side of the screen. Click on the "Room Schedule" link to bring up the daily calendar for the classroom. If you prefer to see an entire week or month at a time, you can easily switch your view by using the buttons on the upper left-hand corner of the calendar.

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Willey Hall and STSS projects underway

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During the summer, the large motorized partition in Willey Hall 125 and 175 was replaced. Check out photos of the construction and finished product here.

Two classrooms in Science Teaching & Student Services (STSS) are also undergoing a summer project. In order to provide more room for an Active Learning Classroom (ALC), STSS rooms 114 and 118 have been combined. The new room will seat 171 students and offer the same active learning functionality as before. The project will be completed by the start of the fall 2013 semester.

New faculty orientation

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New Faculty Orientation will take place August 20-22. The three days of orientation will introduce faculty to critical information, resources, and support for research, teaching, and outreach efforts. For more information regarding the agenda and online registration, click here.

The Office of Classroom Management (OCM) will also provide an overview of its support and services that is included in faculty orientation materials.

OCM adds more video conferencing classrooms

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In 2011, the Office of Classroom Management (OCM) and the Office of Information Technology (OIT) announced a partnership that added video conferencing capabilities to the classroom technology system in Humphrey Center 25. The partnership was such a success that OIT is transferring three additional video conferencing rooms into OCM's inventory. The new video conferencing classrooms will be used for courses and events beginning fall semester 2013.

The new classrooms include:

  • Magrath 4 (St. Paul)

  • Peters 145 (St. Paul)

  • Peik Hall 165 (East Bank)

A fourth classroom, Peters 155 (St. Paul), will be converted into a general purpose classroom during fall semester and will be ready for spring 2014 courses and events.

Classroom Support Hotline hours to change Feb 4

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Effective Monday February 4, the Classroom Support Hotline will be staffed
7:30 a.m to 4:00 p.m Monday through Friday. Messages left at the Hotline are monitored by an
On-Call Manager for response as appropriate after these hours. You can also
continue to report classroom issues via email at

This change is a response to ongoing reduction of resources and staffing
within the Office of Classroom Management. Despite these challenges, we
remain committed to providing excellent service through alternate
communication methods and response systems.

If you have any questions, please call the Hotline or email

Using HDMI in classrooms

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Hoping to take advantage of the high-definition capabilities on your laptop? Use it in a classroom with HDMI connections at the instructor station. Refer to the HDMI feature instruction page for directions on how to use the connection and to find a list of classrooms with this feature.

Welcome to spring 2013!

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Classroom renovations and updates completed over Winter Break 2012-13
Several general purpose classrooms received environment or technology updates during winter break. Some of these updates include the following:

  • Video conferencing features were added to Humphrey 20 through a partnership with CLA.
  • Furnishing upgrades included new marker boards in Lind Hall, and Armory 202 received new student tables.
  • Technology feature upgrades were completed in selected rooms in Mechanical Engineering, Alderman Hall, and Akerman Hall.

Reminder: How to locate your classroom assignment
Room assignments for spring 2013 classes are available on the One Stop Class Schedule. Please note: room assignments are subject to change prior to the start of term. While this usually only affects a small number of classes, verify your classroom assignment before the first class meeting. If you have specific questions about your room assignment, contact your department scheduling coordinator.

Classroom technology instructions & videos
The classroom technology instructions for each building provide a list of equipment and additional features, a list of rooms that include the equipment/features, and a representative image of the instructor station in each classroom.

Orientation is available upon request for those who want to learn more about the technology features. For any questions, contact OCM Classroom Support or 612-625-1086.

OCM News Blog
Stay informed about general purpose classrooms and student study spaces by visiting the OCM News Blog. The blog provides news and information updates throughout the semester and is accessible via the OCM website or by subscribing using your favorite RSS feed/blog reader.

Contact us
OCM is available to help with any questions, concerns, or comments regarding general purpose classrooms or central student study spaces. Contact us via the Classroom Support Hotline:

The hotline is available from 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. Messages left at the Hotline are monitored by an On-Call Manager for response as appropriate after these hours.

Hotline call volume for fall 2012

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During fall semester 2012, the Classroom Support Hotline logged 1,316 calls, resolving 33% of the issues during the call. The top three hotline topics were as follows: 60% technology, 31% facilities, and 11% scheduling.