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Reduced study space in Skok Hall

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Study space in Skok Hall B50 was reduced by 50% to accommodate a newly funded CFANS faculty research space. Take a peek at the updated layout.

Study space for AHC students

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Q: I am a student in the AHC and hoping to find some places to study. Can I use general purpose classrooms or study spaces?

A: Of course! AHC Classroom Services has information about study spaces on their website, but you are welcome to general purpose study spaces and unscheduled classrooms as well. Use the OCM website to find more information about study space locations and features.

Finding study space features

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Q: I'm looking for a place to study with individual desks. Are there any study spaces like this?

A: Sounds like you're referring to study carrels. Wilson Library has carrels. Also take a look at the list of features associated with each study space, including photos, to see whether it meets your needs. Other spaces may also have what you need, so review the list of features at the bottom of this page.
Q: Will study spaces be available after finals and during winter break?
A: Yes! Study spaces and classrooms will be accessible regular hours during finals and winter break. Some classrooms will be in use for events or construction work, so please check the general purpose schedule viewer to make sure a particular classroom will be open. More information about study space and classroom hours is available here.

Study space on the go

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Get your study on--on the go! You can now find the nearest student study space (GPS Waypoint) on your mobile phone. Check it out! The updated study space page now features space layouts, new photos, and introduces the latest designated space in Skok Hall.

Summer study space renovations

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The Office of Classroom Management (OCM) completed a few study space renovations this summer. Skok Hall B50, formerly the Forestry Library, is now a study space that seats 150 and includes lounge seating and group tables. Additionally, the College of Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resources Sciences will be putting an advising office into the space.

Additional seating was installed late summer 2012 in the Willey Hall atrium, bringing the capacity from 81 to 139.

Ruttan Hall study space (room 10) is again available after being unavailable during a summer construction project adjacent to the space. The space now has updated vending, improved access, and new glass partitions to reduce noise flow.

Space is the place (for studying)--Nicholson Hall 1

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Learn more about the study space that the Office of Classroom Management (OCM) maintains. Nicholson Hall 1 on the East Bank campus features lounge seating--perfect for group study sessions! The space also includes vending machines and wireless access. Go get your study on!

Want to find another place to study? Navigate your way to any of OCM's GPS Waypoints.

Navigate to your study space

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Are you looking for a place to study? Be on the lookout for GPS Waypoints around campus. These are General Purpose Study spaces. They are designed, managed, and maintained with student needs in mind by the Office of Classroom Management (OCM). When you find a gold pushpin marking a GPS Waypoint, you'll know that it's an OCM maintained study space.
Learn more about the study space that the Office of Classroom Management maintains! Carlson School of Management (CSOM) L-145 on the West Bank campus features the Carlson Dining Food Court and various tables and chairs for studying and eating. The space also includes vending machines and wireless access. Go get your study on!