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Update (2/9/2012): The launch on February 8, 2012 was successful with students ordering both paper and electronic (certified PDF) official transcripts.

Update (1/31/2012): Due to unforeseen technical difficulties, the new online official transcript ordering system and pricing structure launch has been delayed until February 8, 2012. Until then, the current system and pricing structure will be used.

A new online system for ordering official transcripts is scheduled to go live on February 1, 2012. This new system will be available for all students, past or present, on all University of Minnesota campuses. It offers faster ordering and processing, an electronic (certified PDF) official transcript option, and doesn't require an Internet ID (x.500) and password to create an order. In addition to the system change, a new pricing structure for transcripts will take effect.

About official electronic (certified PDF) transcripts

Electronic transcripts offered through this new system are official, certified PDF transcripts that are offered and recognized by many institutions. The authenticity of the transcript is verified each time a recipient opens the PDF transcript. A message will display indicating if it is authentic or not.
Example of what displays when document is authentic:Avow blue ribbon.JPG

Students will automatically receive information about the status of their order, including when the transcript has been downloaded by their listed recipient. Student may also opt to add a tracker to a transcript for an additional fee. When this option is selected, students will receive notifications whenever the transcript is opened, including the location where it was opened. This allows for confirmation that the transcript was viewed (and not just downloaded), which offers a measure of security as the student can confirm it is only opened where they directed it.

Because of these features, only Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat may be used to view electronic transcripts. Information about the free Adobe Reader is made available to all recipients of electronic transcripts.

While the certified PDF transcript is considered to be official, students are advised to confirm with their recipient that it will be accepted.

The online ordering process

Students who know their Internet ID (x.500) and password will sign in to the system as they would any other University system. This will immediately identify them with their student record. They will be asked to create an account with basic information that will be used for billing and order status notifications.

Students who do not have or do not know their Internet ID (x.500) and password will be asked for more details to create their account including their date of birth and last four digits of their Social Security number. Nearly all students who provide accurate and complete information in this step will be identified and tied to their student record automatically. When this automatic identification is not possible, staff from the Office of the Registrar will investigate and may contact the student for more information.

After this initial step, all students will proceed to the same ordering process. Those familiar with ordering products online will recognize the process: the type of transcript will be selected, delivery address (physical or email) set, and billing information provided. Both electronic and paper transcripts can be requested in the same order with the option of multiple copies going to one or more addresses. Charges for the order will only be made once the transcript is processed (i.e., electronic transcript emailed or paper transcript mailed).

Alternative to online ordering

A paper form will still be available for submitting official transcript requests. This will be useful for those who cannot use the online ordering system (i.e., they do not have an email address and/or credit or debit card) or for those who prefer another submission method or form of payment. The price will be the same regardless of the method of the request.

Pricing and Payment

The price for all transcripts, regardless of ordering method or format, will be $12. This represents the first price increase for basic, non-rush transcript requests in more than ten years. There is no longer an additional charge for "rush" service as all transcripts will be processed within one business day (certified PDF transcripts can be processed and delivered as soon as a few minutes after the order is made regardless of the time of day).

Priority overnight and international priority shipping for paper transcripts are still available for an additional charge, but there will no longer be an option to fax the transcript.

Online orders can only be paid for with credit or debit card. Charging to the student account will no longer be an option. Transcript requests made by paper form can be paid via credit card, check, or cash (if submitting in person).

About the vendor

Academic Support Resources worked closely with the Office of Information Technology and the selected vendor, Avow Systems, Inc. to ensure the system is secure and works seamlessly with existing University systems. Many U.S. institutions are using Avow's Authentic Document Delivery Service for their students and more than 3,000 post-secondary institutions world-wide have received certified PDF transcripts through Avow Systems.

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