First week of new online transcript ordering service

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The new online transcript ordering service went live mid-morning on Wednesday, February 8, 2012. In its first week of service, there were 864 unique orders made totaling 993 transcripts. Of the 864 orders, 263 (approximately 30 percent) were made by students who did not sign in using an Internet ID (x.500) and password. In the past, these students would have needed to complete a paper transcript request form and submit it my mail, fax, or in-person for processing.

Of the 993 transcripts ordered, 253 (approximately 25 percent) were for the new electronic, secure PDF option. This new option is saving students time and money. Secure PDF transcripts from the University of Minnesota have been successfully delivered to recipients in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. Previously, unless the student paid and additional fee for international priority shipping, it could take up to three weeks for transcripts to reach international destinations.

Ordering patterns remain the same as the previous system with the highest volume on Monday, slowly decreasing as the week progresses, with a much smaller volume over the weekend.

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