Adviser and committee workflows and degree program form


As a part of the ongoing Graduate School transformation, Academic Support Resources (ASR) will launch the adviser and committee assignment workflows, along with the revised degree program form. A target launch date is planned for late June. The workflow processes and the new Graduate Degree Plan (formerly known as the Degree Program Form) will be released together; once they are live, the Graduate Degree Plan and online workflows will replace the Degree Program Form.


At the last RAC meeting I mentioned that our DGS would like the instructor listed on the Graduate Degree Plan. I was told that it was determined unnecessary and felt that my comment was unwelcome and that there was no way it would be onsidered. I informed my DGS that his request was blown over. He let me know that he was disappointed and relies on the instructor when determining if the committee choices for an individual graduate student are correct. Is the form a done deal, no input welcome at this point?

The decision to eliminate the instructor column from the revised Graduate Degree Plan was made by GSSP staff based on ongoing feedback from many graduate program faculty and staff that they did not use the information provided the instructor column and that it created needless work for their students.

Once the committee assignment workflow launches, a student's coursework and the committee will be declared via separate processes. Graduate programs that need instructor information in order to make committee assignments may wish to ask their students to include pertinent instructor information in the student comments section of the committee workflow. Or, programs may direct students to list instructor in the the course title column of the revised Graduate Degree Plan (there is plenty of room to do this).

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