Adviser and committee workflows

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On June 26, new online workflows (i.e., online forms) will be available and will replace the current processes for initiating and updating graduate and professional students' committee information and graduate students' adviser assignments.

The "Graduate Student Adviser Assignment" workflow is a Plan Level Coordinator- (PLC) initiated process. The form will be available on the Graduate School's website in the same location as the Degree Program Form (located under each student status after visiting the forms page). The "Committee Assignment" workflow is a student-initiated process and can be used for assigning a committee for the first time, as well as updating existing committee information; this form will also be located by the Degree Program Form. (Note that separate workflows exist for doctoral final and preliminary oral examination committees; master's final examination committee; and specialist certificate final examination committee.)

When these new workflows launch, a new Degree Program Form (also known as the Degree Program Transmittal) will replace the current form and with an updated name: the Graduate Degree Plan. This form will no longer include the following: sections for assigning an adviser and committee; the transmittal page (i.e., instructions page); and the instructor name field previously included in the coursework section.

Questions about these workflows or changes to the Degree Program Form should be directed to

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