FERPA Q&A: Verifying degrees

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Question: How are degrees verified by the University?

Answer: The University uses the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) for enrollment and degree verification. Employers or other third parties can obtain verifications from the NSC at any time. The NSC only verifies directory information (e.g., degree, major, dates of attendance) and is not able to provide verification for students who have a complete suppression on their record.

If a student's degree is posted and the student needs a degree verified quickly, he or she can obtain a certification letter from any One Stop Student Services location. They can also mail or fax a completed Request for Certification form to One Stop.

Sometimes verification of non-directory/public information is requested, such as asking about a student's character or wanting a full transcript. In this case, the student should complete and sign a waiver, which is normally provided by the third party, and then drop it off at One Stop Student Services. For example, if a student is applying to work for the FBI, the federal government requires that he or she sign waiver granting permission to gather private information.

There may also be times where the student's college must verify information. Colleges should keep a copy of the signed waiver from the student if they are releasing non-directory/public information about a student.

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