New One Stop in Williamson Hall

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Update July 31: A slightly modified version of this notice will be included in the August 6 issue of the Graduate and Professional Student Update.

Beginning August 13, the Graduate Student Services and Progress (GSSP) team will offer its services as part of a new One Stop center located in 160 Williamson Hall (East Bank). The GSSP office in 316 Johnston Hall will officially close beginning August 9 and re-open in its new location on August 13. Third Party Billing currently located in B12 Fraser Hall will also move to the One Stop in Williamson and will close its Fraser location beginning August 9. Third Party Billing will re-open on August 13.

All phone and email information for GSSP and Third Party Billing will remain the same. The services found at all One Stop locations will be available at this new center; however, the One Stop in Williamson is the only location at this time where graduate and professional students can find GSSP and Third Party Billing.

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