Undergraduate and graduate catalogs

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As catalog responsibilities move from University Relations to Academic Support Resources (ASR), several sections of the archival printable PDF of the undergraduate catalog will be omitted moving forward. These changes will streamline content and optimize online resources. All material included in the online undergraduate catalog will not change.

The following sections will remain as part of the archival printable PDF catalog:

1) Directory of Undergraduate Programs/Majors
2) Directory of Undergraduate Minors
3) Overview (purpose and orientation of online catalog)
4) Policies, Processes, and Systems (only a screenshot of each policy will be included)
5) Academics (only links to individual college websites will be included)
PDFs of PCAS Program Descriptions
PDFs of ECAS Course Descriptions

The graduate catalog is also being reformatted. A critical part of the process is ensuring that all graduate programs are entered into PCAS. A launch date by mid-to-late August is expected for a fully functional graduate PCAS. This program information will offer the most current online catalog content that has been entered into PCAS and reviewed by program owners. All future updates to programs in PCAS will be immediately available in the online catalog once approved.

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