Temporary solution for room schedule displays

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The Office of Classroom Management's (OCM) new system-wide classroom and event scheduling system, Astra Schedule, went live in May. It replaced the former classroom schedule viewers and request process.

The transition requires a replacement of the content on the room schedule displays for Cooke, Folwell, Nicholson, and STSS classrooms. To access the new room inventory page, a QR code is available on the room displays for mobile-device users. You may also view the content with a computer or laptop using the provided URL located on the room displays.

STSS display QRC.png

In the meantime, OCM is working with its room scheduling display vendor to write a new interface in the coming year. When complete, OCM will transition back to posting the daily room schedules on the currently installed room schedule displays. There are no plans to add more displays outside of the new classrooms.

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