New graduation packet delivery process

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Effective Monday, October 21, graduate students will be able to download their own graduation packet materials from the Graduate School website. Graduate Student Services & Progress (GSSP) will remain available for assistance if needed, but will no longer print and send a requested packet to a student or program.

This change will not only allow students to get their information faster, but their personal information (e.g., name, address, degree sought) will be auto-populated in the form. After a student has requested their packet and the system has verified they have completed their eligibility milestones (e.g. active status, approved degree plan, approved final committee), they will be prompted to download their materials.

All graduation packet materials have been redesigned to reflect this process change. This includes:

  • Exam forms and Reviewers Report forms
  • Graduation checklists
  • Making Graduate Application for Degree pull info from PeopleSoft
  • Formatting & Submission Guidelines

Please update your materials, handbooks, and websites to reflect this change. A message will be added to the October 28 Graduate & Professional Update.

If you have questions regarding this notice, please contact GSSP at

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It should be noted that this process does not apply to Ph.D. students receiving their Final Oral Examination Report form. Ph.D. students must still send the signed Reviewers Report form via mail or in person to GSSP in order to receive the Final Oral Examination Report form, as this form is not available to download.

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