Graduate degree clearance and reporting changes

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In anticipation of the PeopleSoft 9.0 upgrade, new business processes are being established for Graduate Student Services & Progress (GSSP). These changes will impact reporting and GSSP business process, but will have no impact to students.

Degree Clearance
Effective Thursday, May 1, Graduate Student Services & Progress (GSSP) will discontinue degree clearance in the PeopleSoft (PS) Graduate School custom tables. The following data will be affected:

- Degree program GPA (GSSP enters cumulative GPA unless below 2.80 for master's)
- Application month/year
- Completion month/year
- Major credits
- Minor credits
- Thesis type
- Doct. time start (term)
- Doct. time end (term)

Moving forward, a student's GPA and major/minor credits will no longer be captured in PeopleSoft.

The following reports will be impacted:

- Degree Applicants GRD version (190)
- Degree Applicants report (195)
- Degree Award (279)
- Graduate Education Student Profile (98)
- Graduate Student Report for Majors/Minors (Go32) (525)

Staff now have access to a student's application month/year and degree completion month/year in PeopleSoft. This information can be found Records and Enrollment>Career and Program Information>Student Program/Plan click on student attributes tab.

If you have a questions about reporting, please contact Ingrid Nuttall at

Time to Degree
Doctoral start/end time will be captured in PeopleSoft milestones (0800, "Time to Degree"). In addition, master's/PBac/Specialist Certificate time to degree will also be captured. This information can be found Records and Enrollment>Enroll Students>Student Milestones.

Plan Type
Master's plan type A, B, or C has been converted into a "Sub-Plan." This information can be found by going to Records & Enrollment>Career & Program Information>Student Sub-Plan>(information towards bottom of page).

This graph outlines where you can find the following information (a larger image can be found here):
GSSP graph (1).jpg

Thank you for your cooperation with this effort. Please contact us at with any questions.

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