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The last day for students to register to avoid discontinuing their student status is Monday, February 3. Program staff who have students requesting permission for GRAD 999, xxxx-8777, xxxx-8666 and xxxx-8888 may issue the necessary permission provided students have met internal eligibility requirements. Students requesting permission for xxxx-8333 and xxxx-8444 should be directed to the Graduate Student Services office at

For more information on continuous enrollment for graduate and professional students, please see this announcement from last PBED Digest.

All Twin Cities and Duluth post-baccalaureate students enrolled in a graduate or departmental master's program (excluding Twin Cities MBA students) that have not registered for the spring 2014 term received an email this week indicating they must register by Monday, February 3, or they will be discontinued.

If a student is discontinued and wishes to resume graduate work, he or she must request readmission to reactivate his or her status. It is up to the program or college to determine the best readmission path for a student. In all cases, students should contact the major program for which they are applying.

Federal regulations require the financial aid office to monitor satisfactory academic progress toward completion of degree for financial aid recipients. This review includes a qualitative component (GPA) and a pace or progression component (credit completion ratio) to ensure students complete their degree within the maximum timeframe.

Beginning fall 2013, the credit completion ratio component of the policy changed from 75% to 67%. This will ensure the University is in alignment with guidelines prescribed by the Department of Education.

Just a reminder that colleges or designated representatives must sign-off on the Petition form before submitting to Graduate Student Services & Progress (GSSP). If the form is turned in without the required signature, the petition will be sent back to the graduate program.

The Graduate School Petition form will now require college-level sign-off. The form has been updated to reflect this change. Colleges are expected to begin this practice beginning October 1, but are encouraged to implement earlier.

A group met over the summer to determine the feasibility of programs placing and removing Graduate School holds for their own students. It was decided that colleges and programs will be given access to place/remove the following holds:

  • OJ - general hold

  • OM - too many incompletes

  • OG - doctoral program not filed

  • OF - master's program not filed

  • OL - GPA requirement not met

If you are interested in being able to place/remove holds (above), please email Amber Cellotti directly. However, in order to be able to place holds and give access, you must have completed Student Data Inquiry and Student Data Update training in PeopleSoft. If you're not sure you have completed these, you can check your training history on the HR website.

A PDF has been posted on the One Stop website that contains guidelines for undergraduate students petitioning to enroll in a course for a third time. These guidelines reflect the University's policy on repeating a course, which states students may repeat a U of M course or its equivalent once.

A PDF has also been posted for Scholastic Committees. Questions regarding this process or the policy should be directed to the student's college advising office.

Two new graduate education policy guides are now available on the Graduate School website. The guides for the Master's Degree: Performance Standards and Progress policy and for the Doctoral Degree: Performance Standards and Progress policy were sent to Deans, Associate Deans, Directors of Graduate Studies, Plan Level Coordinators, RAC Members and the College Advisory Group on March 21.

Feedback regarding the guides is welcome. Please contact Karen Starry with questions or comments.

Effective Friday, March 1, the process for reporting Preliminary Written Examination (PWE) results to Graduate Student Services and Progress (GSSP) will be automated with a new online workflow.

As previously announced, a new web application has been developed that enables students to complete required loan exit counseling online. Students who fall below half-time enrollment or will be taking a leave of absence must also complete loan exit counseling.

Students expecting to graduate in December will receive an email that notifies them of the loan exit counseling requirement and provides instructions on how to complete the process. Until the student completes loan exit counseling, a hold will be placed on his or her record.

If you receive questions from students about loan exit counseling, please refer them to Student Account Assistance.

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