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The Portal Team is happy to announce their partnership with IntraSee, Inc. to deliver the University's new myU Portal. IntraSee brings a wealth of portal implementation experience to ESUP. They have worked with many large, complicated entities in both private industry, government, and higher education. They bring significant experience, user-focused technical solutions, and a proven methodology to implement the portal within ESUP's timeline. Through evaluation, the University has deemed this to be the most efficient and sustainable option for portal development and the Program is optimistic they will help deliver the best possible product for the U.

As the team moves forward with IntraSee, they will continue to base their work on the feedback provided by the U community over the last year. Thank you for sharing your time and expertise!

For more information, please visit the ESUP website.

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Portal welcomes U's new content management system

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The University has recently acquired a new enterprise content management system - Drupal. This is a systemwide initiative available to and supporting all system campuses, and a great opportunity for the Enterprise System Upgrade Program (ESUP). The Enterprise Portal project will be working closely with the Drupal team so that content providers can enter content into Drupal for their websites and have it appear in the new portal.

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