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New Associate Director of Continuity and Compliance

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Stacey Tidball joined ASR on March 3 as the new Associate Director of Continuity and Compliance. Her role fills the position previously held by Ingrid Nuttall, who is now the Director of Academic Records for ASR.

In her new role, Stacey will be responsible for supporting academic policy initiatives, as well as supervising the ASR Communications and Student Records Training and Support Teams. A graduate of the University of Minnesota Law School, she has previously worked for the University as Associate Director of the Law School's Career Center.

A change in Portal project leadership

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Portal Project Director Susan Geller is leaving for an opportunity to join Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners in the role of associate director. Susan has made great progress on the Portal Project and the University is grateful for her leadership. William Dana will be the new Portal project director. This will be a dual role for William, who will retain his current role as Student Project director. He brings sound leadership skills (as exhibited in the Student Project), strong relationships with the Finance and HRMS projects, and extensive experience with myU to this new role. Plans are underway to ensure a smooth transition for both the Student and the Portal teams.

Leslie Schiff recently accepted the position as the new Associate Dean for Curriculum for the Office of Undergraduate Education (OUE). One of Associate Dean Schiff's main goals is to increase the four-year graduation rate. She will also be responsible for connecting curricular efforts and information across OUE units, across colleges, and with other campus offices that serve undergraduate students.

Additionally, a new Assessment Coordinator was hired last month. Steven J. Hawks will serve as a campus-wide resource on undergraduate assessment and will work with faculty, staff, and administrators to coordinate assessment efforts of Twin Cities undergraduate student learning. He will serve as a key member of the Undergraduate Assessment Executive Committee and the Undergraduate Assessment Steering Committee.

Both positions will report to Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education Bob McMaster.

Thank you and good luck to Heather McLaughlin

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Heather McLaughlin will be leaving her position as Business Process Analyst for the Graduate Education Transition project. Her last day in Academic Support Resources (ASR) will be Friday, November 30, after which she will transfer to a position in the Office of Information Technology (OIT) as Product Owner of Heather would like to extend thanks to everyone she has worked with on this project.

Questions and other communication regarding graduate education, including updates to College Coordinator and Plan Level Coordinator roles, can be directed to Graduate Student Services and Progress (GSSP) staff. Workflow related questions or feedback should continue to be sent to

New One Stop in Williamson Hall

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Update July 31: A slightly modified version of this notice will be included in the August 6 issue of the Graduate and Professional Student Update.

Beginning August 13, the Graduate Student Services and Progress (GSSP) team will offer its services as part of a new One Stop center located in 160 Williamson Hall (East Bank). The GSSP office in 316 Johnston Hall will officially close beginning August 9 and re-open in its new location on August 13. Third Party Billing currently located in B12 Fraser Hall will also move to the One Stop in Williamson and will close its Fraser location beginning August 9. Third Party Billing will re-open on August 13.

All phone and email information for GSSP and Third Party Billing will remain the same. The services found at all One Stop locations will be available at this new center; however, the One Stop in Williamson is the only location at this time where graduate and professional students can find GSSP and Third Party Billing.

Bettie Walker, a One Stop counselor in One Stop Student Services, has been named the new process supervisor for registration exceptions for graduate students. She may be reached by email or by phone at 612-626-5433.

The position was previously held by Dan Dalaney.

Three members from the Graduate Student Services and Progress (GSSP) will join Academic Support Resources (ASR) in July. The GSSP staff (Amber Cellotti, Renae Faunce, and Stacia Madsen) will be located in 160 Williamson Hall; this move will take place some time before fall 2012.

Transition of Graduate School staff and functions

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Transition of Graduate School staff and functions

Vice Provost Dean Henning Schroeder and ASR Director Sue Van Voorhis recently sent an email [PDF] to the Associate Deans of Graduate Education, Directors of Graduate Studies (DGS), SGS Assistants, and College Coordinators regarding the transition of Graduate School staff and functions to ASR.

Beginning in July 2012, certain functions handled by Graduate School Student Services and Progress (GSSP) and Graduate School Data Management (GSDM) will transition to ASR. At that time, four staff members from these offices--Amber Cellotti (Knapp), Renae Faunce, Stacia Madsen, and Genny Rosing--will formally join ASR's Office of the Registrar as a new group dedicated to supporting graduate and professional programs.

This change will continue to promote the local decision-making authority of colleges and programs while enhancing administrative processes and student services as outlined in the recommendations from the Academic Issues and Student Administrative Processes work groups.

Amber, Renae, Stacia, and Genny can still be reached through their current phone and email contacts. They are working together with ASR staff during the coming months to ensure a smooth transition of functions to ASR; specifics of this transition will be shared in future updates to the Ledger.

Best practice: DGS Orientation

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At the March RAC meeting, Wendy Friedmeyer and Kara Kersteter from the College of Liberal Arts presented on how they orient new directors of graduate studies on both the collegiate and departmental levels. They have provided their presentation:

Directors of Graduate Studies: Orientation

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