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I regret to say that I feel I have hit overload with Twitter. I think I get it, and I did browse other people's blogs to see how they think they could use Twitter and UMChat, so I can see how useful it could be. But somewhere between figuring it out, trying to download Pidgin (and failing), and it being the end of the day yesterday, I hit "tilt." Somewhere, my technology brain is saying "no more!" So, I will have to come back to Twitter and chatting at a later time, when it will have an immediate use for it.

I did find the articles interesting. On one hand, I was perplexed that college students would be so disrespectful as to chat during class. What ever happened to real live talking? On the other hand, I was intrigued with appropriate uses -- communicating with the professor during office hours, asking a topic-related question during a presentation, etc.