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University web space access

As U of M students, each of you have access to 20MB of web space on the University of Minnesota servers. Your web address (which cannot be changed) is:

http://www.tc.umn.edu/~<your Internet ID >

adcs.pngADCS has a great overview and guide that will help you through the process of accessing your space and uploading files for public viewing. Read the ADCS Personal Website Guide to get a better understanding of this process.

You will need an FTP program in order to upload your files to your server space. I recommend using Cyberduck, but you can also use Fugu or Fetch (will require you to login with your x500).

I suggest using Dreamweaver to build your websites, although you can also build your html files in any text editor (i.e. TextEdit, WordPad), etc. I do not recommend using programs such as Microsoft Word, which adds its own code to your files and will undoubtedly result in undesirable effects.

If you have little to no experience designing or implementing websites, now is the time to learn! The best way is to learn by doing, but the following tutorials are helpful as well:

Basic HTML: http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_intro.asp
Overview of CSS: http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_intro.asp


If you are looking for additional resources to help you get started, you can check out the U of M library resources. The following focus on Dreamweaver 8, but they should be close enough to CS3 to get you started:

Dreamweaver 8 In Pictures
by Chris Charuhas

The Visibooks Guide to Dreamweaver 8
by Chris Charuhas

Foundation Web Design with Dreamweaver 8
by Craig Grannell

Dreamweaver 8 Bible
by Joseph W. Lowery

For more options, go to http://lib.umn.edu and type "Dreamweaver" as a keyword in the search box.