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Application process

As you brainstorm materials for your system application, check out these companies that allow you to fully customize a variety of products. Simply upload your own imagery, usually in the form of a .jpg file, and explore the possibilities!

mooCards.pngZazzle.com (variety of items)
Moo.com (prints)
Qoop.com (interfaces best with Flickr)

zazzle.pngBlurb.com (books)
SpreadShirt (clothing)
BlueCotton (clothing, embroidery)

cdesLogo.pngAs students in the College of Design, you have access to the W.L. Hall Workshop in Rapson Hall, a fully-equiped woodshop that is home to the Universal Laser Systems X-660 laser cutter! This machine can cut, etch, or engrave a variety of substrates (excluding glass) from a simple vector image. Rasterized photographs can be etched at varying levels as well.