December 1, 2008

The end of this journey

As we near the end of the semester (only 2 class periods left!), here's a final run-down of what's due, when, and how:

Identity presentation: due 12/8 or 12/10; materials and format are up to you

System application: due 12/10 as a separate assignment; expected to be included in some fashion in your Identity Presentation, but can be in a different format than what you submit (i.e., if you are doing packaging, I expect the physical item to be turned in as the System Application, but you may just opt to include photos of the packaging in context for your Identity Presentation. Similarly, if you do a website, you may include screenshots in your presentation, but I expect a digital file– either multi-page .pdf or html– to be turned in for grading).

Standards manual: due 12/10 in class OR 12/11 in my office (217 McNeal) between 5-6pm OR 12/12 in my office, between 10a-12pm; does not need to be included in your Identity Presentation

If you are missing any assignment sheets, they are all available as .pdfs on the class website,

*Re-submissions of previous assignments* due 12/17 in my office between 9a-12pm.

NOTE: If you are expecting to turn in an assignment in my office, please email me before you arrive so I won't run to Lori's or be away from my office.

November 21, 2008

You're invited!

invite.pngGet ready to present to design critics of all shapes and sizes!

Dec 8 / Dec 10
336 McNeal Hall