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February 7, 2006

Meeting Minutes 01.27.06

Fall 2006 Meetings and Events
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Items discussed included:
  • Take possession of checking account from previous Treasurer and deposit member checks.
  • Future meetings are to be held after First Friday sessions.
  • First Friday meeting to be used to discuss what students would like to get out of GSO, types of events/meetings we should hold, etc.
  • Hold monthly luncheons (“Grad Gabs?) to provide opportunity for members who can’t make First Friday meetings. First luncheon will be at Noon on 2/15/06, near Subway.
  • Updating website and create blog for GSO members with posted minutes, Q&A’s from students, calendar of events, officers directory, etc.
  • Create calendar of events
  • Find out if it’s okay to share personal information among group if provided and approved by members (i.e., photos on blog page, email address, member directory, etc).
  • Look into sponsoring thesis and dissertation support/informational meetings with Barb for direction and peer feedback on projects.
  • We discussed the purpose of the organization, which includes giving DHA graduate students an opportunity to interact with one another in order to network, find collaboration opportunities, share experiences, information and resources, and increase collegiality.
  • Distribute graduation checklist.
  • Discuss a cause that GSO could support if there’s interest from members.
  • Invite CALA GSO to join us at an event later in the semester.

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