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Good, Fast, Cheap

Apparently the saying "Good, Fast, Cheap - pick any two" is wrong. I got my Chinese visa today (Saturday), when I was told that it would be mailed out Monday, so this works out to three days earlier than expected.

So far, good and fast. When I opened the envelope, I also found a wad of cash in there, a refund. For some unexplained reason, the visa fee of $30 was waived, so the whole thing cost me under $20 bucks, including express mail delivery. Cheap.

While I'm heaping praise on governmental organizations, USPS did pretty well with its express mail delivery - the mailman missed me, so it looked like I would not get my mail today - the post office closes at 3pm on Saturdays. However, the shift manager told me to stop by around 6pm, when all mailmen are back from their routes. He met me outside the closed post office and gave me my mail. Nice.