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Blast from the past

I had forgotten about the tons of fun I had as a memebr of the leet demo group Trilogy :). These two links reminded me about it : Cubic Releases (See digg.com and weep about the days of 4K software-rendered, specular-shaded rotating tori). A venerable collection of demoscene-related stuff can be found at the Hornet Archive, which is finally back online as of yesterday. Lastly, if you've had your fun writing truecolor demos using Prometheus TrueColor (PTC) or its sibling TinyPTC, check out Pixel Toaster.

My 4K intro for The North Pole BBS is sadly lost forever, but I remember having lots of fun trying to cram a 10-pattern, 2-instrument FM-music track into it along with the requisite OPL-3 dirver and the snazzy 256-color graphics. All of it compressed with my very own LZSS-based executable compressor with a 128-byte decompression routine

Sadly, today I have much more knowledge about how to make cool effects, compress data and so on, but don't have the time to do anything as fun as writing a 4K demo and spending nights in a row trying to replace the sine tables with minimal second-order approximation routines that were more compact...