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princess and the pea

i really had no idea what fairytale to use at first. i tried to think of one my mom read to me when i was younger but came up with nothing.
after giving up on that idea, i remembered that i had always like the story of the princess and the pea when they read it to us in gradeschool. they image of the princess laying in a bed of like 80 different layers always stuck in my head. i think the picture are always powerful. especially as a kid. so.....

for my narrative project i decided to use the princess and the pea for my fairytale. i am a collector and really enjoy old used stuff. anything and everything. my mom is also a keeper, we dont like to throw away anything that could possibly come in handy. so for this project it was great that my mom had kept her wedding shower wraping paper. so i used the paper from the 70 and then old photographs. creating a style within photoshop

i unified my images with the paper and a color scheme dominated by pinks and oranges and purples. i am very happy with the outcome of this project. i like the idea of recycling old items into something new.

this is my digital narrative......http://www.d.umn.edu/~atki0093/story/


I really liked your approach to this project. It's awesome that you used pictures and wrapping paper from your parent's wedding. I try and incorporate my family and friends into my work whenever possible. I think that it makes the projects much more personal (and more fun to work on:) I also really enjoyed your images. The colors that you used really tie the images together.