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April 25, 2006

final project, or should i say feet are gross

for my final project i am going to do an extension of a project i did in digital photography.

in photo i took images of my women in the kitchen and put the images on plates. this project was based on the joke: "why are women's feet smaller than men'?" "so they can stand closer to the stove."

i think this joke is ridic and to be honest makes me quite upset. i once had someone say it to me. they werent joking. im not such a fan of their type of thinking.


i have big feet. silly them

i think what i am gonna do is take pictures of womens feet and put these also on plates. i want them to be able to be displayed together. my first images were black and white so i think i am gonna follow through with this inorder for them to work well as a series. i want them to be clear images. nothing to distract from the the photo itself. geting them on the platess is a pretty involved complicated task, so, i think i am gonna try and do 6.



the final project images themselves are gonna be circular about 4 inches in diameter i think i will have about 4 of those and then 2 larger images at 5 inches in diameter.

at first look it may appear as though i didnt use any "digital" tools to complete this project. i probably could have done this without using photoshop. but i did, i actually relied quite a bit on it.
it was a real difficult task to first get the compositions to work well with one another. i wanted them to feel right with eachother and with my fist set of these plates. i also had to work with the contrast and brightness. making certain areas become darker, and others lighter.




i like that there are feet on plates. its gross. feet are gross.

April 19, 2006

rafael lozano-hemmer

the artist that caught my interest is rafael lozano-hemmer. rafael was born in mexico City in 1967. in 1989 he got a B.Sc. in Physical Chemistry at Concordia University in Canada.

in our text, Digital Art rafael is mentioned in the chapter, "Digital Technologies as a Medium." his work combines existing structure with a projected animated images. i think that the combination of these two different mediums is very interesting. i can only imagine there is a lot of preparation and planning that goes through his process. his working process is quite intense and goes through many steps to get to his final product.

the work that i looked at was the DISPLACED EMPERORS. in this work, rafael projected onto the facade of the Habsburg Castle in Linz, Austria. using Wireless sensors audience members could control a projected hand that through movement would show the inside of the Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City. there is a quicktime video of his process and the end result that was very neat to see.

the interaction of the artist and the viewer is something that i think is very important. i believe that all art relies on the viewer but some artist incorporate this aspect even more.

the initial reason why his work appealed to me was because while i was in greece there was a japanese artist that projected random imagery onto the herodion on the bottom of the acropolis. i found that the contrast of an ancient building in relation to a modern art form amazing. and rafaels work i believe is very similar to the experience i had in greece watching the light show.

he has a lot of other really cool stuff. similar style or process as displaced emperors, such as 'under scan relational architecture 11,' 're:positioning fear relational architecture 3' and he also has quite a bit of different styles of art. here are some of the images of his shows http://www.lozano-hemmer.com/eimagenes.html

im not sure his work will directly influence my work, although i do find it inspirational that the interaction between his audience and his art is so strong. it is a vital part of his art. he relies almost 100 percent on the viewers interaction with his piece of art.

you all should check his art out at http://www.lozano-hemmer.com/eprlh.html

let me know what you think about it

April 11, 2006


this project has been very fun for me to work on. it is nice to be able to go back and look over all my photos of greece. the only bad thing is it makes me miss it even more. i started out a little confused as to what to do with this project. it was very open-ended and wasnt sure where to take it. but after a while we decided to interview eve browning. she went with on our trip to greece and is very smart. she knows a lot about mythology. it was great to have her explain it to us.

our project is coming along pretty well. we have had some technical issues along the way. quite a few actually. it never seem to fail. computers are not my thing. it will teach us to save and save and save. oh well. im actually pretty sick of computers. ha. anyway. the interview with eve went so good. she explained so much that we didnt know. you could tell she was very excited about telling us all she knew.

well we have finished with the project. overall i am happy with the result. it was my first time working on making a movie. the lighting was pretty crumby. but. i think it was an informative piece and she had a lot to say. i wish we could have maybe put some images within the movie, but we were having so many problems with imovie. maybe next time.



April 6, 2006

first couple projects

i really enjoyed our first projects. i thought it was very interesting to see all the style differences throughout the class in the self project. i thought everybody had a very distinct individual style. it was also neat to see how we all approached the narrative project and incorporated our styles into it. there was such a wide range....

there were a few that i really like. the two i thought were really neat were taryns and ginnys. i really liked the simplicity of ginnys. and thought the characters were really cute and playful. i think the color use was great for her 10 images and they all worked really well as a series of connected work- they flowed well together. i also like the color choices in taryns. she incorporated the photography and illustrations well. she had some very powerful images.