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this project has been very fun for me to work on. it is nice to be able to go back and look over all my photos of greece. the only bad thing is it makes me miss it even more. i started out a little confused as to what to do with this project. it was very open-ended and wasnt sure where to take it. but after a while we decided to interview eve browning. she went with on our trip to greece and is very smart. she knows a lot about mythology. it was great to have her explain it to us.

our project is coming along pretty well. we have had some technical issues along the way. quite a few actually. it never seem to fail. computers are not my thing. it will teach us to save and save and save. oh well. im actually pretty sick of computers. ha. anyway. the interview with eve went so good. she explained so much that we didnt know. you could tell she was very excited about telling us all she knew.

well we have finished with the project. overall i am happy with the result. it was my first time working on making a movie. the lighting was pretty crumby. but. i think it was an informative piece and she had a lot to say. i wish we could have maybe put some images within the movie, but we were having so many problems with imovie. maybe next time.




Lisa, I think you have a great blog here. You have extra stuff not required like commenting on other people's assignments. Your blog looks very full and organized also. You documented all of your assignments really well. Even though your Eleusis project was a time consuming for you two, I thought you did an amazing job. I worked with movie clips too and so I know how much time you guys must have spent on it! It was great info and can probably be very beneficial to Joellyn. Nice job with everything!