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final project, or should i say feet are gross

for my final project i am going to do an extension of a project i did in digital photography.

in photo i took images of my women in the kitchen and put the images on plates. this project was based on the joke: "why are women's feet smaller than men'?" "so they can stand closer to the stove."

i think this joke is ridic and to be honest makes me quite upset. i once had someone say it to me. they werent joking. im not such a fan of their type of thinking.


i have big feet. silly them

i think what i am gonna do is take pictures of womens feet and put these also on plates. i want them to be able to be displayed together. my first images were black and white so i think i am gonna follow through with this inorder for them to work well as a series. i want them to be clear images. nothing to distract from the the photo itself. geting them on the platess is a pretty involved complicated task, so, i think i am gonna try and do 6.



the final project images themselves are gonna be circular about 4 inches in diameter i think i will have about 4 of those and then 2 larger images at 5 inches in diameter.

at first look it may appear as though i didnt use any "digital" tools to complete this project. i probably could have done this without using photoshop. but i did, i actually relied quite a bit on it.
it was a real difficult task to first get the compositions to work well with one another. i wanted them to feel right with eachother and with my fist set of these plates. i also had to work with the contrast and brightness. making certain areas become darker, and others lighter.




i like that there are feet on plates. its gross. feet are gross.