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first couple projects

i really enjoyed our first projects. i thought it was very interesting to see all the style differences throughout the class in the self project. i thought everybody had a very distinct individual style. it was also neat to see how we all approached the narrative project and incorporated our styles into it. there was such a wide range....

there were a few that i really like. the two i thought were really neat were taryns and ginnys. i really liked the simplicity of ginnys. and thought the characters were really cute and playful. i think the color use was great for her 10 images and they all worked really well as a series of connected work- they flowed well together. i also like the color choices in taryns. she incorporated the photography and illustrations well. she had some very powerful images.


I really liked this project of yours. I found the patterns you used in the background very interesting and added to the creative story. I also liked the colors used which made your whole project unique and very visually interesting. I thought it was cool that you used old photos and incorporated them into the story.