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rafael lozano-hemmer

the artist that caught my interest is rafael lozano-hemmer. rafael was born in mexico City in 1967. in 1989 he got a B.Sc. in Physical Chemistry at Concordia University in Canada.

in our text, Digital Art rafael is mentioned in the chapter, "Digital Technologies as a Medium." his work combines existing structure with a projected animated images. i think that the combination of these two different mediums is very interesting. i can only imagine there is a lot of preparation and planning that goes through his process. his working process is quite intense and goes through many steps to get to his final product.

the work that i looked at was the DISPLACED EMPERORS. in this work, rafael projected onto the facade of the Habsburg Castle in Linz, Austria. using Wireless sensors audience members could control a projected hand that through movement would show the inside of the Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City. there is a quicktime video of his process and the end result that was very neat to see.

the interaction of the artist and the viewer is something that i think is very important. i believe that all art relies on the viewer but some artist incorporate this aspect even more.

the initial reason why his work appealed to me was because while i was in greece there was a japanese artist that projected random imagery onto the herodion on the bottom of the acropolis. i found that the contrast of an ancient building in relation to a modern art form amazing. and rafaels work i believe is very similar to the experience i had in greece watching the light show.

he has a lot of other really cool stuff. similar style or process as displaced emperors, such as 'under scan relational architecture 11,' 're:positioning fear relational architecture 3' and he also has quite a bit of different styles of art. here are some of the images of his shows http://www.lozano-hemmer.com/eimagenes.html

im not sure his work will directly influence my work, although i do find it inspirational that the interaction between his audience and his art is so strong. it is a vital part of his art. he relies almost 100 percent on the viewers interaction with his piece of art.

you all should check his art out at http://www.lozano-hemmer.com/eprlh.html

let me know what you think about it