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the class as a whole

well this class is over. and well it went more smoothly then i had imagined. i was real nervous for it. i have definitely been putting it off. i must admitt i have had fun. it wasnt as scary as i had thought it would be. i guess i just had to get past the whole "computer thing", man i get twitchy just saying it. they really are not my friend. they freeze on me. dont do what i want them to do. and worst of all you just cant get around without using them, they are pretty much taking over. even the art scene. i mean you can see example of it all over the place. from target to ipod to random ads in magazines or poster. EVERYWHERE. and that has made me a bit freaked out.
so i guess it was fine time i face this digital word.

i think this semester has been pretty good over all. i have had my fair share of digital issue, but seem to have found a way to solve them.

im not sure i can say im entirely comfortable with creating digital art, but this course has definitely helped me improve and realize other options.

i would have to say my favorites were the mosaic and the narrative.

yeah. i think that sounds about right

i wasnt too crazy about the idea of blogs, but now i can say i actually enjoy them. it is nice to see everyones ideas and final product in one area. i am a bit confused as to why some of my comments on others blogs appear and others dont show up. maybe it is the browser or maybe it is just not switched over to accept them. ive spent a lot of time looking at jessie, taryn and chelseys blog (the three below mine) and i must say i pretty much like all of there projects. its cool to see all their work on one site, all next to one another.

we have seen some real cool stuff in this class. and i was way impressed with everyones final projects. it was neat to see all the variety.

well. i guess that is about it.