May 7, 2006

herodion light show

this was the japanese light show i was talking about that i got to see on new years eve while i was in athens.

it was pretty amazing,
cliche, but it was a once in a life time chance to see something like this.


you can see the light projection in the lower right

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April 19, 2006

rafael lozano-hemmer

the artist that caught my interest is rafael lozano-hemmer. rafael was born in mexico City in 1967. in 1989 he got a B.Sc. in Physical Chemistry at Concordia University in Canada.

in our text, Digital Art rafael is mentioned in the chapter, "Digital Technologies as a Medium." his work combines existing structure with a projected animated images. i think that the combination of these two different mediums is very interesting. i can only imagine there is a lot of preparation and planning that goes through his process. his working process is quite intense and goes through many steps to get to his final product.

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