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Logo Process (community center)


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The Urban Garden


Description:  The urban garden is a way to encourage people to become more self- reliant and in doing so they will be saving money and eating healthier.  An urban garden is defined as anyone growing food, or other resources such as chickens, within the city limits.  An urban garden can also be the property of a non-profit organization.  These organizations provide space at a cost so their members can plant annual gardens for produce.  An urban garden can also be a group of people who work with the city to utilized unused spaces to created gardens for produce. 


Core Meanings: Accomplishment, Beauty, Creation, Community, Harmony, Oneness, Security, Pride.


Participants: A person participating in the urban garden would have a sense of accomplishment because they have grown their own food.  They will have a sense of community pride because they have come together with their neighbors to create something natural. 


Objectives: Using areas that would otherwise go unused or that are neighborhood eyesores.  Getting more people involved so that more people start self-sustaining behaviors in lives.  Create something that the community and the individuals participating can be proud of. 


Competition: Grocery Stores; Food Shelf; Poor consuming behavior; World Produce mar; Developers




Grow community pride



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