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There is an interesting feature on Penelope Cruz by Ingrid Sischy in the latest issue of Vanity Fair.  The story focuses on Cruz because of her two upcoming films, Pedro Almodovar's Broken Embraces and Rob Marshall's Nine.

The feature compares Cruz to the likes of Marlene Dietrichs and Sophia Loren.  Cruz not only remains a star in her native country of Spain but has managed to reach an elusive level of Hollywood stardom.  Her success on many levels is a triumph for other aspiring Spanish performers. 

Sischy declares Cruz as having reached the pinnacle of her career, after a series of letdowns.  She praises not only Cruz's success, but also her character with a charming anecdote at the beginning.

This feature is a profile of the actress Penelope Cruz, because it looks at her life and career in addition to who she is as a person. 

The structure of this profile follows the predictable pattern of starting in the present and then flashing back to the beginning of her career.  In a typical rags-to-riches story, Sischy describes Cruz's journey to becoming the remarkable success she is today.

I was taken aback by Sischy's commentary in some places.  In addressing Cruz's physical appearance, she bluntly states the actress isn't "cookie-cutter pretty" and "even has a bit of a schnoz."  

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I really loved the features I looked at from Vanity Fair, including this one. It's interesting that you also commented on the journalist's harsh commentary, which I was surprised by in my profile feature. It kind of goes against everything we learn about ethics right? Still, the good and the bad make Cruz more interesting to read about.

You mention what the feature is about-her life and career...but maybe it would be a good idea to comment on where she started out or where she got her start as an actress more specifically? I like the rags-to-riches, but maybe adding a detail of her growing up in Spain w/ her mother to what kind of success she's had now would add text support.

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