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Welcome to my tropical themed weblog. I'm enrolled in CI 5472 at the U this semester and will be primarily discussing the class on this site, but a little about me first. I teach 8th grade Communciations and Literacy at Farmington Middle School West and love it! I am taking courses at the U to complete requirements for my Communications/Language Arts 5-12 Minnesota Teaching license, as I currently hold an English 7-12 license. As for the tropical theme, I love all things tropical; Hawaii is my favorite destination! I've even decorated my classroom with 55 feet of swimming sea turtles, an "Aloha" greeting sign, and various travel trinkets, like a big plastic pineapple from "Cheeseburger in Paradise." It once held a pina colada, but my students don't know that! Happy media studying!

Aulds Hawaii Trip 387.jpg


Kim, I love the tropical theme. How did you do it?? :)