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Week 3 Citibank Commercial

I chose this Citibank commercial of a father and son traveling to Norway "on the trip of a lifetime" because it reminds me of what my husband and father in law would do if money and time were no objects; and surely with a similar result! Following is a shot by shot analysis of the 15 (I can't BELIEVE this) shots in the 30 second commercial. The first universal idea that it uses is that everyone's family "story" is unique, and wherever one travels with family, Citibank can be used to pay for it. It also capitalizes on the idea that everyone has a dream vacation destination and that they should use their Citibank card to pay for it.

1. Point of View shot from narrator (son) perspective: seeing the front of the boat, water, and mountains ahead. Bright and cheery music plays in the background throughout the commercial. This tells the viewer that one will be seeing this enjoyable trip through the son's eyes.

2. A medium shot of the son and dad on the boat establishes who is on the trip. Narrator/son says, "So I asked my dad where he would like to go. 'Norway' he said, 'the land of our forefathers.'" This and the following several shots are designed to trigger fond family memories in the viewer's mind.

3. Medium over the shoulder shot of the son taking the dad's picture with a Norwegian man in costume and a large building behind them.

4. Extreme long shot of dad and son examining Norwegian viking ship in a museum.

5. Close up shot of hand passing Citibank card to cashier.

6. 2 split second medium shots: son taking two beers from the bar and then dad and son holding them. Son says, "We took a pint at Ibsen's famous pub," portraying that a good time is being had by all...

7. Close up of large fish on a plate, son says, "We sampled the local fare"

8. Medium shot of father and son at table with fish between them, dad looks uncertain

9. Tracking shot of dad and son rowing a boat in a canal wearing matching sweaters, son says, "we got new sweaters". These last four shots establish all of the things one can purchase with a Citibank card in Norway.

10. Establishing shot of dad and son standing on a point, presumably having hiked there to see a beautiful view of the mountains, river, sky. One character says, "I feel like yodeling!"

11. Point of view shot that mimics the perpective of the son watching his smiling dad dance with a girl in traditional Norwegian dress at a festival. This gives the viewer the opportunity to share the moment of watching one's father enjoying a long-anticipated trip.

12. Long shot of dad and son walking through what appears to be a library. Son says, "'It was the trip of a lifetime,' dad said, until we went to the hall of records,"

13. Medium low-angle shot of dad and son reading a large book, son says, "and learned that we were Swedish" another uncertain look on dad's face.

14. Close up/tracking shot of Citibank card being passed through a ticket window, son says, "two tickets to Stockholm, please"

15. Medium shot of dad grinning broadly in front of the cruise ship which he is about to board.

16. Establishing shot of cruise ship at sea and voice over (not son) says, "Whatever your story is, Citibank can help you write it."