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Week 3: How I plan to teach film/editing

At my school, we offer a 9th grade class called Media Technology and have a very qualified and experienced teacher who covers all of the film techniques covered in Beach's Chapter 3. I would not want to detract from her curriculum, but, seeing as how her class is an elective and my 8th grade Communications class is required, there are a few things I could do.

Because we use Simon Birchat the very end of our one semester course in a unit on perspectives, I would take some time to cover the film techniques described by Beach on page 23. I will have a few short shots from U tube to illustrate the different camera angles, then give them an assignment to go home and record a certain number of camera shots they could identify while wathcing television that night. There are a few spots in the movie where certain film techniques, such as point of view shot, are used to illustrate Simon Birch's small stature, or a close up shot of an important item, the armadillo. I would stop there and have the student identify the shot being used and why they think the director may have used it. This type of questioning will give me a good idea if they understand the film techniques discussed, and will also assess the student's understanding of Simon's perspective on life, depending on where in the film I stop. THis idea in no way incorporates all of the material covered by Beach in Chapter 3, but it gives me a realistic place to start in my classroom this semester, without infrining on the Media Technology teacher's curriculum.