August 7, 2008

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August 6, 2008


May 5, 2008

Volunteer Hours

My volunteering was sort of special. Over spring break I went home for the week and volunteered. I spent numerous hours coaching hockey for a hockey tournament for the high school team I used to play for. I coached the defensive lines even though I used to be a forward. The team ended up winning the championship in a close game. A major highlight was one of the team’s freshman; and a second year skater, scoring the game tying goal to send the team into overtime and eventually win the game. We had to coach through much diversity since a lot of the varsity players did not want to skate with the incoming freshman. A major chunk of my volunteer hours were spent with the girl’s soccer team. I helped manage the soccer team for two years in high school. I like to come back when I have time and practice with them making them stronger as players. Many of the players I got to know and coach are seniors now. It was really great to see my hard work with the girls paying off in their fine tuning of there skills. The last two of my hours were spent volunteering at the ski hill I grew up on. This was the last day that the ski hill was open so they had a little kid’s day. I used to participate in this when I was much younger. I helped set up cones for the various slalom and down hill events that were hosted on the bunny hill. I helped set the kids up and reset them up when they fell; as well as taking pictures. It game a great joy in all these volunteering hours to see the sparkle in the kids eyes when they made a sweet pass, scored the game winning goal, or won the race at the age of five. My volunteer hours were some of the most fun hours of my spring break.

Blog 9

Personally I was disappointed in our group member who presented by himself the following week after our presentation. He was supposed to be in our group but made no attempt to participate as a group: but rather solo. His presentation that he did was very unclear in its entirety mainly because I could not hear him. He needed to look up at the audience rather then at his feet. He did have a few good point and the pictures that he passed around did a great job reiterating and supporting his thoughts.

Blog 8

I thought it very interesting how the first group made their project. It was really neatly put together how it was a never ending web. It was hard to find the origin of the project as well as the end. It all seemed to form together almost into a circle where there is no beginning or end. I thought they were fairly comprehensive in there speech and really closed any loose ends and questions I was thinking of during their speech

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April 7, 2008

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This is my ideal spot to be released from just school in general. This is the pond I have helped create up at my cabin. The pond was made for my cabin to over look this picturesque pond in its almost surreal environment. Someday I would like to have an apple tree or a golf whole with a flag on the island with a bridge built to be able to walk to the island. This is where I escape the everyday life and really don’t have to think at all. The impact on the environment from this pond is extensive. We have turned an old swamp into a place for wild animals to come in refuge for a great water source. This was accomplished easily without killing really any animals.


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February 10, 2008

Blog 2

The social design issue I found was a courtyard on the St. Paul Campus. It is the courtyard by the lunch room. At onetime it might have been nice but now it is neglected. It has large blocks to walk on that are all mangled and crooked. It is very hard to walk through this courtyard and it is an eyesore. I think they should tear up the old blocks and renovate the courtyard so it is inviting for students to study in instead of being abandoned like right now.