Another otter attack reported on Northland lake

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A swimmer in Ude Lake, near Atikin, was attacked by two otters, the Duluth News Tribune said.

Carol Schefers, 38, was swimming in the lake where her family has a cabin and thought at first it was fish biting her, the Duluth News Tribune said.

Schefers' husband pulled her out of the water and brought her to the emergency room, WCCO said.

Schefers is recovering from 18 bites and says the life jacket she was wearing kept her afloat, WCCO said.

A person of interest in the 1989 abduction of Jacob Wetterling sent a letter to state authorities about how law enforcement has treated him, the Pioner Press said.

Authorities have not found conclusive evidence to arrest Dan Rassier, 56, but they have questioned him multiple times and spent over two days searching Rassier's family farm in 2010, the Pioner Press said.

In the letter, Rassier said the authorities "abused the privileges of their power" and his and his family's rights have been violated, MPR News said.

Authorities are unable to comment on the letter because the case is still under investigation, MPR News said.

(Both the Pioner Press and MPR News use the same AP story - but I had a hard time finding a source that had original writing.)

A man is recovering after an attack by a suspected great white shark off Ballston Beach in Truro, Mass. Monday, the New York Daily News said.

Christopher Myers and his son were wading out to a sand bar when Myers was pulled under the water, the Daily said.

His son and several witnesses report seeing a fin at the time of the attack, the Daily said.

Myers was able to swim back to shore and paramedics rushed him to the hospital where he is recovering, the Daily said.

The great white shark population has increased significantly in the Cape Cod area in recent years due to the increased population of seals, Fox News said.

Gray seals were nearly extinct until the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972, Fox News said.

A British teenager was arrested and released on bail Monday after he tweeted an Olympic diver, the Guardian said.

Great Britain divers Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield placed fourth in the men's 10-meter synchronized diving event after which the 17-year-old tweeted "You let your dad down I hope you know that," the Guardian said.

Daley's father died of brain cancer a year ago and Daley had hoped to win an Olympic medel for him, CBS News said.

Daley replied, calling the tweeter an "idiot" and a slue of obscene messages from the accused tweeter and others followed, CBS News said.

The teen tweeter was issued a harassment warning and is being investigated, the Guardian said.

Author acknowledges fake Dylan quotes, resigns

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Jonah Lehrer, staff writer for The New Yorker, resigned from his position and stopped distribution of his recent book Monday after admitting he made up quotes by Bob Dylan, the Pioneer Press said.

In a statement released by his publisher Lehrer said that quotes in his book "Imagine: How Creativity Works" attributed to Dylan were "unintentional misquotations, or represented improper combinations of previously existing quotes," the Pioneer Press said.

A reporter from for Tablet Magazine, who is also a Dylan fan, questioned Lehrer about some of the quotes used. Lehrer admitted in his statement Monday that he lied to that reporter, NPR News said.

Lehrer's publisher has stopped both physical and electronic distribution of the book, NPR News said.

James Holmes was formally charged with 24 counts of murder and 116 counts of attempted murder Monday for the shooting rampage in a Colorado movie theater, CBS News said.

Holmes did not enter a plea and did not react as the judge read the charges against him, the New York Times said.

Court papers revealed Holmes had been seeing a psychiatrist. His public defenders could avoid a trial by arguing that his is not mentally competent to stand trial, CBS News said.

Holmes sent a package to his psychiatrist prior to the shootings. She did not receive the package and police have taken it but are not saying what it contains, the New York Times said.

Akram Khan upset over NBC Olympic ceremony snub

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The choreographer of a tribute to London bombing victims said he is "disheartened and disappointed" because NBC cut the performance in the opening ceremony's American broadcast, BBC News said.

Akram Khan was asked by opening ceremony artistic director Danny Boyle to design a portion of the ceremony with a mortality theme, BBC News said.

The tribute included photos of the bombing victims, some who's family attended the open ceremony, BBC News said.

NBC said that it was unaware the portion of the ceremony was in reference to the attacks, Huffington Post said.

A Ryan Seacrest interview with swimmer Michael Phelps aired durning the American broadcast instead of Khan's tribute, Huffington Post said.

Gorilla in Prague Zoo accidentally hangs himself

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A 5-year-old gorilla accidentally hanged himself in a Prauge Zoo on Friday, the Pionner Press said.

A spokesman for the zoo said the gorilla, Tatu, was found with a rope around his neck in a sleeping room Friday morning, the Pioneer Press said.

An attempt was made to revive Tatu after zoo keeper drove away the other gorillas, BBC News said.

Tatu was with the Prauge zoo since his birth, which thousands watched online, in 2007, BBC News said.

2 US climbers found dead on Peruvian peak

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The bodies of two US climbers were found on Peruvian peak by searchers Saturday, NBC News said.

Gil Weiss, 29, and Ben Horne, 32, were both experienced hikers and belonged to the climbers' collective, NBC News said.

The two left the city of Huaraz on July 11 for a seven to 10 day trip. When their families didn't hear from them by July 24, they notified searchers, NBC News said.

According to searchers, Weiss and Horne made the summit of Palcaraju in the Cordillera Blanca but ran into trouble on the way down, plunging nearly 1,000 feet off a ridge, WJLA, an ABC affiliate, said

It is highly encouraged to climb the Cordillera Blancas with a local guide as conditions can change quickly, WJLA said.

Weiss and Horne did not have a guide and knew the risks, WJLA said.

On Friday the Savage Police Department said an injured dog was not abducted or tortured as previously believed but instead hit by a car, NBC News said.

However, Midwest Animal Rescue and Service, where the four-year-old pit bull mix was taken for care, said the injuries were not consistant with a car accident. They think the dog, Cesar, was abducted and tortured, NBC News said.

MARS said the straight edges on Cesar's cuts, lack of broken bones or road rash and lack of debris in the wounds point to intentional injury, the Pioneer Press said.

Niether the Savage police or MARS are able to explain why "Back off Bob" was written in green marker across Cesar's back, the Pioneer Press said.