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"Nik Wallenda has become the first person to tightrope walk directly over Niagara Falls, crossing through the falls' famous mists and gusts in less than a half hour Friday night while tethered to a wire at the insistence of the network televising the stunt," begins the USA Today report.

Although a bit wordy, this lead clearly defines the what (Niagara Falls crossing,) who (Nik Wallenda,) where (Niagara Falls,) and when (Friday night,) of the story. If I were writing this story, however, I would re-consider using the stunt-man's name in the lead. It is not necessarily recognizable by the general public. The fact that he is in the seventh generation of a family of circus performers and tightrope walkers would mean more to a reader than an unfamiliar name.

Including the last bit, "while tethered to a wire at the insistence of the network televising the stunt," implies a bit of conflict to the otherwise simple story. He attempted the crossing and it went on without a hitch. This was the first time Wallenda has ever used a harness in any of his stunts and only did so because ABC insisted on it. I think this use of "conflict" may be a bit of a reach.

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Good job generally on the blog. Be sure you space out the entries so you're writing bits each day. That will help you form the habit to read news daily.


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