2 US climbers found dead on Peruvian peak

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The bodies of two US climbers were found on Peruvian peak by searchers Saturday, NBC News said.

Gil Weiss, 29, and Ben Horne, 32, were both experienced hikers and belonged to the pullharder.org climbers' collective, NBC News said.

The two left the city of Huaraz on July 11 for a seven to 10 day trip. When their families didn't hear from them by July 24, they notified searchers, NBC News said.

According to searchers, Weiss and Horne made the summit of Palcaraju in the Cordillera Blanca but ran into trouble on the way down, plunging nearly 1,000 feet off a ridge, WJLA, an ABC affiliate, said

It is highly encouraged to climb the Cordillera Blancas with a local guide as conditions can change quickly, WJLA said.

Weiss and Horne did not have a guide and knew the risks, WJLA said.

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