Jacob Wetterling case: 'Person of interest' files complaint, alleges official violations

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A person of interest in the 1989 abduction of Jacob Wetterling sent a letter to state authorities about how law enforcement has treated him, the Pioner Press said.

Authorities have not found conclusive evidence to arrest Dan Rassier, 56, but they have questioned him multiple times and spent over two days searching Rassier's family farm in 2010, the Pioner Press said.

In the letter, Rassier said the authorities "abused the privileges of their power" and his and his family's rights have been violated, MPR News said.

Authorities are unable to comment on the letter because the case is still under investigation, MPR News said.

(Both the Pioner Press and MPR News use the same AP story - but I had a hard time finding a source that had original writing.)

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